SW10/WWW: Powernaut 2005 #15: Work For Me!

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Hey, Wyatt, where's Karl?  ... The drama continues, faster than usual. 
Powernaut 2005 is twice a week through December!  And yes, I'm enjoying 
my pre-Christmas time off work, thanks.


This episode is like a cartooning vacation for me. It's psycho-drama, so 
I can draw lots of faces instead of lots of people hitting stuff. I've 
hereby tried to hone my cartooning skills. Even so, I'm drawing stuff 
faster than usual. And this series works better if you read it faster 
than usual. So I'm giving the world a Christmas gift of twice-weekly 
issues for this series.

The 2005 correspondent of course did not refer to things more recent 
than 2005. He talked about 2003 a lot. But his commentary explains a lot 
about the Chancellor Wyatt, an alternate self from  2010 onward. 
Chancellor Wyatt is a *leading* omniversal power, and he shared Our 
Wyatt's existence through all the interesting stuff of 2003.


Bonus Section:  Commentary from Vince Cortez!   Wyatt Ferguson's 
Superhuman Powers


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I've always admired Wyatt Ferguson. He does not appear to be powerful, 
yet he is one of the elder and respected members of the superhuman 
community. Even Ellipsis regards Wyatt as his *primary* rival. (ref: 
"Picture the Future",  2004/politics2.htm)

Wyatt's real skill is humility. So his power escapes the notice of 
cosmic powers. But Wyatt's real power is connection. He's connected to 
reality in a way that even the world's most skilled mages can only dream 
about. He draws upon superhuman powers at need, but shows restraint. 
He's known to have done these things:

• Wyatt's lived in different universes. Many of his adventures happened 
among superhumans we only recognize from comic books. (ref: "Me in the 
Marvel Universe"  me.htm) He still walks the universes at will. He 
sometimes uses that like a teleportation power to move quickly within 
our own universe.

• Wyatt's family has superhuman powers in its blood. The blood is 
sentient. So it has its own idea of how much to cooperate with him. When 
it cooperates fully, Wyatt becomes one of the world's most powerful 
superhumans. (ref: "With Great Power Comes Great Irrelevance", 
power.htm) Even otherwise, Wyatt often gets random superpowers to 
survive the things that happen to him. For instance, in 2002 he 
time-traveled to 2022 and then survived the aftermath of a nuclear 
holocaust. (ref: "Make It Never Was",  neverwas.htm)

• Wyatt can store some of his powers in objects. His trenchcoat and his 
favorite walking sticks all help him fly, and his car can track people. 
(ref: "As Above, So Below",  asabove.htm)

• Wyatt has been connected with cosmic powers. For instance, in the 
1990s he was a Champion of Death. (ref: "Deputy Champion of Death", 
wave3.htm#death) He's not exactly a mage, but the greatest mages of 
Earth still consult with him. So do governments. (ref: "DuoPolarity 
III",  duopol3.htm)

• Wyatt used to *exploit* the things that happen to him. He's been quiet 
recently. But in 2003 he *became a galactic power*. (ref: "With Great 
Wealth Comes Great Power",  wealth.htm) He then *built an 
interdimensional alliance*. The multiverse still shudders at the mention 
of LXMF. (ref: "League of Extradimensional MightyFriends",  lxmf.htm)

• During Wyatt's omniversal adventures, he met *and merged with* several 
of his alternate selves. He has learned something called the Hyper-Body 
Hyper-Transfer Protocol to do this. (ref: "Pentahedron", 
2005/pentahedron.htm#hbhtp) This explains how he can merge with Karl. He 
has also *un-merged* on occasion. This explains how he lost his 
motivation to build trans-universal alliances.

In short: Wyatt is mild-mannered. But if he really wants to do 
something, the superhuman community pays attention.

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When you *are* the leader... whatever goes wrong... whether you did it
or not... *you* are held responsible. - Barack Obama

I know. - Archie Andrews

- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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