SW10/WWW: Powernaut 2005 #14: Workin' for the Powernaut!

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Fri Dec 13 16:38:55 PST 2013

Powernaut 2005 Episode 3 is underway.  Oh, the drama!


Powernaut 2005 continues to re-tell a story I already published in 2005. 
  This episode is psycho-drama which Wyatt Ferguson called "The Dark 
Maneuvers". I tried to work that title into this series, but the 
Powernaut had no place for it. Hence the episode title, "Workin' for the 

Bonus Section:  Commentary  from Vince Cortez!    The Drama of Karl and 


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The previous Powernaut 2005 strips mentioned a severe and ongoing 
reality shift. (ref: "Humans of the Earth",  2005/humans.htm) People 
wished their dead relatives back to existence during that shift. Wyatt 
Ferguson had disappeared (ref: "Over the Mountain", 
2005/after.htm#mountain), so his brother and sister wished him back. But 
the original Wyatt was still around - shape-changed into Karl Scribner!

Karl is bigger than Wyatt, and has a beard. Karl gained the weight 
through bodybuilding. (ref: "The Boys of Passover",  2004/passover.htm) 
He must have always wanted the beard. He was indifferent about his 
relatives; I never heard him admit he  *had*  any. But Karl's relatives 
must not have felt the same way, because they wished back a Wyatt who 
loved his family!

I saw all the clues about Karl: He's the same age as Wyatt. He has 
fighting skills like Wyatt. He likes voice commands at his computer, 
just like Wyatt did. He usually dressed differently, but his only dress 
shirt and tie were the same style Wyatt preferred. And someone claiming 
to be Wyatt had also claimed he secretly changed shape to become a FERG 
employee. (ref: "FERG Letter",  2005/me2005.htm#april) But Karl 
renounced all the stuff Wyatt had done. I didn't think Wyatt Ferguson 
would change himself so thoroughly to hide among us.


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