[MISC] GODLING’s WORLD # 3: B.E.M. part 3

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Godling doesn’t hesitate when Detective Simpson is hit by a strange spray coming from one of the beetle-creatures. He pulls all humidity out of the sky, having it rain down over the cop as only a man that can channel the powers of Neptune can. He then proceeds to use the healing powers of Aescilapus to heal the burns the spray left.
Meanwhile, Doctor Proton splits up in 3 smaller duplicates. Two Protons tackle a beetle while the third uses that diversion to pick up the fallen sonic blaster. The beetle shakes off the Protons, throwing them into the one with the blaster who falls flat on his back, his duplicates on top of him. He groans, “I’m a scientist, not a fighter. This is not my thing.”
“Don’t worry. It IS exactly mine,” Godling says and knocks the beetle in the head with all the strength of Heracles. Not holding back a thing now he cracks the shell of the beetle. He follows up with a roundhouse punch and an uppercut. The beetle goes down. The other beetle-creature wraps its spindly legs around Godling. He puts his back into it and throws the beetle over him, right on top of the examining table.
“Turn on the gas!” Godling yells.
A fourth Proton springs out of one of the earlier three who pushes a button that releases the tranquilizer gas above the examination table that puts the creature under.
“Phew. That was some bad piece of action,” Simpson says, wiping sweat from his brow. “Thanks for saving my hide there, Godling.”
“Sure. Now let us continue or investigation into…” Godling’s words are cut short by the appearance of a strange glowing ball appearing out of nowhere.
“What the…” Simpson says.
Doctor Proton, now only one again, picks up the sonic blaster again. “No idea.”
Godling balls his fist. “Whatever it is, I’m ready for it.”
“Cease your bravado,” a voice comes from the ball. “That will help you none. You wish to know who or what I am, I can tell you. I am Bxxt, from a planet far away from yours. I come here to pick up my scouts.”
“These critters?” Proton asks, pointing at the beetle-creatures.
“Yes, these. They were created by me because they seemed to be the perfect spies. Small, but durable. I have a psychic connection to all of them so I can see everything they see. Unfortunately, sometimes people see them as pests and want to squash them. They have no other choice then but defend themselves. They are able to grow into the versions you have encountered.”
“And they are spying on us because?” Proton asks.
“What do you think?” the ball says. “To know how we can conquer your world of course.”
“Would have been nice to meet an alien that comes in peace every once in a while,” Godling laments.
“Guess we’ll have to watch ET for that,” Simpson says and points his gun at the alien ball. “I’m going to ventilate this thing.”
“Stupid, naïve human,” the Bxxt says and fires a purple ray from its alien body. It melts the gun.
“Crap! It’s hot!” Simpson says, nursing his burning hand.
“Step back,” Godling says. “Leave this to me.”
“To us,” Proton says and steps forward, aiming the sonic blaster. “I may not be much of a fighter but I’m not going to allow this joker to conquer my world.”
Another purple ray is fired. Godling jumps right into it, channelling the invulnerability of Achilles. “You can’t hurt me, alien! If you are serious about conquering this world think again. I am here to defend it.”
“We have ways to deal with you,” Bxxt said. “The Mzxxt are a powerful race.”
“You might be powerful enough to appear out of thin air and fire some deathrays… But you have no arms. How did you create those beetles?” Proton asks.
“We have no limbs but we can control other races that do… Let me show you.”
 An orange ray is fired from Bxxt that hits Proton. Proton’s eyes turn orange. He points his sonic blaster at Godling and fires. The hero’s ears are assaulted by it. Godling goes down on his knees, hands covering his ears, in excruciating pain.
“Hey, cut that out!” Simpson says and kicks the blaster out of Proton’s hands. Proton takes a swing at the cop, but isn’t much of a hand-to-hand combatant compared to the experienced cop who nails him with a fist in the gut and an uppercut. Proton goes down.
“Sorry about that, buddy!” Simpson tells the scientist.
“Thanks for the assist,” Godling says, slowly standing up again.
“Maybe it would be better to take control of YOU!” Bxxt says and fires an orange ray at Godling.
The One Man Pantheon uses the speed of Hermes to avoid it and runs to the alien. He then attacks it with a flurry of punches. To his surprise his punches go through the alien like he puts it through a gelatine pudding. It doesn’t seem to hurt Bxxt.
“Interesting try, but mere physical force will not harm me,” the alien says. It fires a blue blast that hits Godling like a piledriver, sending him flying through the lab.
Simpson helps up Proton. “Are you okay?”
Proton groans a “yeah’’, his eyes not orange anymore. “Not sure what happened there? Did that thing actually control my mind for a second there. And, crap, is Godling lying there on the floor?”
“Afraid so,” Simpson says.
“I’m okay,” Godling says and slowly gets up.
“You ARE strong, human. You will serve me well,” Bxxt says and fires another orange ray. Godling is hit, eyes going orange.
“Now, KILL your fellow humans!” Bxx orders.
Godling slowly walks towards Proton and Simpson, saying, “Yes, kill them Kill them.”
“No! You’re a hero, not a killer! Don’t!” Proton yells at the One Man Pantheon.
Godling readies a mighty fist. “This blow will take your head off.”
Proton winces, putting up his arms out of instinct, his brain well aware that if Godling is channelling the strength of Heracles that’s no use whatsoever.
Just as the fist is ready to connect, Godling screams, “NOOOOOOOOOO!”
The Prophet from Olympus lowers his fist. “I am a hero, not a killer. The orange in his eyes is becoming of a lighter colour. “You can’t make me kill my friends. My mind is stronger than yours. I faced off against interdimensional conquerors, evil monsters and fantastic supervillains… No stupid alien will make me do anything I don’t want to. MY MIND IS STRONGER THAN YOURS!”
The orange is gone from his eyes and he attacks Bxxt again. He twists his fists with the speed of Hermes, creating a little tornado with it. The tornado hits Bxxt, right in the middle, splitting it in half, pieces of jelly flying around.
“There!” Godling says and shakes a fist at the alien. “This world is under my protection!”
The pieces of jelly come together again, reforming Bxxt. “Nice try, hero. And I must say I am impressed by your willpower. No one has ever managed to break free from my mindcontrol.”
“Looks like we can go on fighting for days,” Proton says. “But why? Why are you so eager to conquer our world?”
“We just like it. We like showing those with limbs that we are just as powerful, even superior to them.”
“So this is all part of some pissing contest on your side?” Simpson asks.
“I do not understand the reference,” Bxxt says.
“You made your point. You’re very powerful,” Proton says. “Now why can’t you just leave Earth knowing that.”
“I cannot do that. My fellows Mzxxt are eager to show their superiority as well.”
“So they are in orbit here or something?” Proton asks.
“No, I came here first to follow up on the data of our scouts.”
“Good, there’s only you to handle then,” Godling says.
“That will be more than enough,” Bxxt says and fires three red rays in rapid succession that Godling barely manages to avoid with the speed of Hermes. What the rays hit bursts in flame, like a fancy piece of equipment and a cup of coffee.
“Godling, just keep that thing busy,” Proton says. “I’ll be back soon. We’ll defeat it.”
“Okay,” the One Man Pantheon says and throws a lightning bolt at Bxxt. The alien explodes, jelly covering the walls. For a minute Godling thinks the alien has been defeated, but the jelly detaches itself from the wall, joining into Bxxt again.
Godling uses the power of Hephaestur, God of Fire to throw some balls of fire at the alien. With blue rays Bxxt manages to extinguish them before they hit him.
The Prophet from Olympus continues to use power after power against the powerful alien, not able to defeat it, but keeping it busy until Doctor Proton reappears.
A dozen times Proton’s voice can be heard. “As soon as you came in my systems began analysing you, Bxxt. And from that data I was able to discover your weakness… Intense cold…”
“No!” Bxxt says.
A dozen Protons surround the alien. They all carry gas pistols. “Fire the Freon gas!”
Freon gas is fired from the guns… Bxxt screams, freezing.
“And take a look at the big screen,” one of the Protons says. “I googled some stuff. Can you still see and hear?”
On a big screen in the lab dozens of pictures appear from cold regions of Earth, showing snow and ice.
“Do you see that? That is the kind of cold you will have to face each day on Earth? I don’t think you will like that.”
“Please…. Get me waaaaaaaaaaaaaaarmmmmmmmmm” Bxxt pleads. “I surrenderrrrrrrrr….”
“Okay, but one false move and these guns hit you again,” Proton says.
“Let me handle this,” Godling says and used the power of Apollo the Sun-God to warm Bxxt up a bit.
With the ice that covered him gone Bxxt can speak better again. “It seems your world is not suited for conquering. I will leave this place for now and report this back to my home. Beware though, we will find a way to brave the cold and return.”
“Good luck with that, ugly!” Simpson says. “Because these two heroes will be there to defeat you once again.”
“We’ll see,” Bxxt says and is gone as suddenly as he appeared.
“Wow! What an adventure that was!” Simpson says.
“Yeah, sure was. I really need some coffee.”
“You guys sit down and rest. I can whip up a mean cup of Greek coffee, you’ll like that,” Godling says.


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