LNH/HCC: Cover Gallery #13i

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The cover shows a mighty muscled figure with a gun -- the Copyright
Kid -- standing between two groups of costumed characters.  On the
left, Master Blaster, Fearless Leader and Senses Lass plead for the
Copyright Kid's attention.  On the right, three marble-faced duplicates
of the heroes in question stare absently into the far distance.  

In the background lurks the chiseled, slate-gray, red-eyed 
countenance of a cackling demon in a Santa Claus hat and beard. 

"You have to stop them, COPYRIGHT KID(TM)," Fearless Leader declares.
"Those clones have stolen our super-powers!"

"Sorry, FEARLESS LEADER," Copyright Kid replies.  "The law says 
your powers are now the property... of MONSANTA!"
Blurb: He's Making a List!  Checking it Twice!  Gonna Decide Whose
Genes Will Get Spliced...

     M   O   N   S   A   N   T   A   '   s

   	Clones Are Coming To Town!

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