LNH: All-New Legion of Net.Heroes #2

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LLL         AAA     LL      LL             NNN   NN EEEEEEE WW      WW
LLL        AA AA    LL      LL             NNNN  NN EE      WW      WW
LLL       AAAAAAA   LL      LL      ====== NN NN NN EEEEE    WW WW WW
LLL      AA     AA  LL      LL             NN  NNNN EE       WWWWWWWW
LLL                                                 |                 |
LLLLLLLLLLLLLL                                      |   Session #2    |
LLLLLLLLLLLLLL E G I O N  O F  N E T . H E R O E S  |                 |
ANDREW PERRON as Kid Enthusiastic
and introducing ANTONIO MENTEGUIAGA as Maia
THE STORY SO FAR: There is *power* flowing from the Net to humanity and 
back! The net.powered have gathered together on a budget to form - the 
Legion of Net.Heroes!

History: To be told!
Description: A tan woman with shoulder-length dark hair and almond 
  eyes. She seems to be rather young, probably under the age of twenty. 
  She obviously keeps herself in shape, good shape, probably the type 
  of shape with a six pack under her hoodie. A white hoodie, with red 
  triangles running across the hems. Her black jeans aren't much to 
  talk about, but the giant hammer that seems as if it were made of 
  clockwork they're hiding behind probably has quite a few stories 
  behind it.

Maia leans back in the chair. "...Oh hey, you remember when we met, 

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Sure I do! It was only like a month ago. I 
  remember it like it was yesterday..."

                      ~~~~~~~~~wavy lines~~~~~~~~~

Kid Enthusiastic sits at Genny's desk, carefully some abomination of 
  plastic and circuit boards to the back of a discount winter glove.

Maia falls in the center of the road outside, her hammer breaking her 
  fall with a mighty crash. She lays against the pole of the giant 
  thing, "Uggghhh"

Kid Enthusiastic hops up and opens the window. "Hey, people are trying 
  to science up here-- oooooh!" He climbs out the window with ease and 
  runs down the fire escape. A car brakes sharply in front of Maia, 
  blowing angrily on its horn.

Maia unsteadily gets to her feet, the hammer flipping its weight back 
  into her hand during the process. "And I'm busy being uh. ....Um. 
  What street is this?

Kid Enthusiastic grabs Maia's hand and yanks her over to the sidewalk. 
  "No dying! Hello! Rogers Street!"

Maia says, "Rogers huh. And which city? State? World. ...Universe. Day, 
  time, month. I kinda just flew through a space rip."

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Well, you're on Earth, in Netropolis, and it's 
  November Twenty-Thirteen! Um, universe... one? Two? Q?"

Maia says, "I'm from uh. Universe uh. ...One of them. Maybe I don't 
  know which universe it was.""

There's a thump from nearby, down the sidewalk, as an armored female in 
  green lands. "You're in universal stream... uh, what was it... Muxis 
  086.0 Zeta." She chuckles and shakes her head as she comes closer. 
  "At least, I think that's it."

Kid Enthusiastic ah! He waves to Genny. "Right, what she said."

Maia says, "Right." She points towards the distance, "Wherever that rip 
  in space time that might be over that way leads to it where I'm from. 
  You seem like the type who would know something like that.""

Genesis glances upward, peering at the rip. "Unfortunately, I can't say 
  I've got a lot of actual experience. The computer in my head likes to 
  impart tidbits of knowledge sometimes, though, which is why I know 
  the designation system..." She catches herself before she rambles too 
  far, looking back at Maia. "Looks like you're some manner of 
  superhuman, though. Which means you landed outside the right 

Kid Enthusiastic rubrubs his chin. He's still holding the needle and 
  thread from earlier, and peers at the rip thoughtfully...

Maia says, "Well, I woke up this morning, and my roof was missing. And 
  part of the sky. So I put on my usual hoodie just in case, and 
  grabbed the hammer. Wait did you just say superhuman?""

Genesis nods. "Unless that hammer's hollow, anyway. You're moving that 
  thing way too easily, and from the sound of it, you flew through your 
  world's end of the rift."

Maia says, "I thought it was just some sort of cool metal and magic 
  inscription or something with the neato gear design its got!" She 
  offers it to Genesis."

Genesis hefts the hammer easily in her hands, frowning thoughtfully as 
  she does. "Hm. Yeah... definitely not light. So you've got flight, or 
    at least some sort of hammer-throwing trickery, and 
    super-strength." She holds the hammer to her ear, arching her brow. 
    "It's ticking."

Kid Enthusiastic says, "...it's probably not a bomb, right? Bombs don't 
  have powers, other than blowing up."

Genesis purses her lips. "Depends on the bomb."

Kid Enthusiastic meep.

Maia says, "Wait the thing is ticking? ...Hmmm." She puts her hand back 
  onto the handle. "What about now?""

Genesis nods. "Yep. Still ticking... it's probably an intended 
  function, though, not a self-destruct or something nasty." She 
  thinks. "Some sort of force multiplier, maybe?"

Maia says, "Hmmm." She takes it back, and offers it to the Kid. "What 
  happens when you hold it?""

Kid Enthusiastic takes it and falls over. "...owwwww..."

Maia says, "...Huh. So is he just weak or are you really weird, 

Genesis ack. She takes the hammer from Kid E, handing it back to Maia 
  and helping the young hero to his feet. "You okay?" She turns to 
  Maia. "I'm weird. Though Kid E here's... what are you again, 12?"

Maia takes the hammer back with a nod, "Cool! Its only for me! ...Oh! 
  Sorry!" She rushes over to help Genesis and Kid.

Kid Enthusiastic dusts himself off. "In this universe? Ten!"

Genesis does miss a beat, but just barely. She looks over at Maia. 
  "Don't think we've introduced ourselves yet... I'm Genesis, and this 
  is Kid Enthusiastic." She extends a hand to the girl.

Kid Enthusiastic shakes Maia's other hand. "That's me."

Maia shakes Genesis's hand with her free hand, since Kid seems to have 
  already shaken the other, "Sounds good to me! ...Think theres any 
  chance of me getting through that time rip thing any time soon?"

Genesis looks up. "...oh dear. Right. It's closing." She wraps her arm 
  around Maia's waist, holding the hammer-wielding girl close. "With 
  any luck, I can toss you through before it seals up... hold on 

Maia holds onto her hammer on tight.

Kid Enthusiastic crosses both sets of fingers!

Genesis coils her legs and jumps, springing upward toward the portal. 
  Once she's close enough, she holds Maia at arm's length, twirling 
  around a couple of times before tossing the girl like a shot-put 
  toward the rapidly-shrinking tear...

Maia makes it through! Only for another rip to open right next to 
  Genesis and Kid, and she flies out at an easy 60 mph and clipping 
  that dude's car. "...I think thats some sort of no?"

Genesis sighs and shakes her head, alighting on the street beside Maia 
  and helping her up. "Unless you want to try again."

Kid Enthusiastic blinks. "That was awesome! You should try for 
  scientific rigor."

Maia looks into the portal. "Thats some really funky darkness. Think I 
  could just crash her until we figure something more proper out? You 
  guys seem to know a thing or two about this whole super thing."

Genesis nods. "Sure." She smiles, gesturing to the building across the 
  way. She leads everyone off of the road. "We're on the second floor 
  of this building here. It's office space, but we sleep there too" She 
  leans in and whispers, "Don't tell the zoning board!"

Kid Enthusiastic gives a big cheesy wink.

Maia nods in an understanding way, "So I'm Maia."

Genesis smiles. "Nice to meet you, Maia!" She pushes the front door 
  open, dusting herself off. "We'll need to take you out on an alert 
  soon, see if we can't puzzle out more of what you can do."

Kid Enthusiastic nods! "I'll start working on the Mystery of the 
  Mysterious Planar Rip right away!"

Maia says, "So like, he's your sidekick or sommat? And just what are ya 
  guys anyhow?"

Genesis grins. "Nah. We're the start of a superhero league, to be 
  assembled before the arrival of a... well, apocalyptic-level threat." 
  She's silent for a moment, then continues. "...trust me, it'd be 
  unfair of me to call Kid E my 'sidekick'. He's just as important to 
  this operation as I am."

Kid Enthusiastic pipes up, "Plus, wouldn't I have to have, like, the 
  same powers? Kid Genny, away! and all that."

Maia blinks, "And you're just like. Sitting here in an office 

Genesis says, "Justice League's got the Watchtower, right?"

Maia says, "Yeah?"

Genesis says, "Well, we don't have the budget they must have had. This 
  is what we've got."

Kid Enthusiastic nods, scratching the back of his head.

Maia says, "....Right then! So do I like, need a superhero name or 
  something like that?"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Well, what did you call yourself over on the 
  other side?"

Genesis hm. "If you'd like. There's no need, really... you're new to 
  this world, so no need to establish a secret identity."

Maia says, "Maia! I just got the hammer thing today!"

Kid Enthusiastic nods. "Yeah, you can just call yourself that if you 

Maia says, "Thats not very superheroey though."

Genesis pauses, and takes a step back. "Hmm. You know what you remind 
me of?"

Maia says, "What?"

Genesis says, "Ever played Final Fantasy? The first one in 
  particular... you remind me of a White Mage. They could use hammers, 
  and their robes were white with the red... triangly things. I'd 
  suggest something along that line."

Maia looks down at her hoodie, "Well, I mean, thats what the hoodie 
  took its inspiration...I like it!"

Kid Enthusiastic oooooooohs. "That's awesome!"

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Well, then, Maia, welcome to the LNH!"

                      ~~~~~~~~~wavy lines~~~~~~~~~

Kid Enthusiastic says, "...and that's what happened."

Maia says, "Aside from a few plot holes that occured in issues 59 and 
  63, sounds about right!"

Kid Enthusiastic shhhh! He looks left and right.

Kid Enthusiastic says, "Ixnay on the issues-hay. Genny doesn't Get It."

Maia blinks and nods, putting her finger up to her lips.

Genesis pointedly ignores this.

REMINDER: The MUSH is at twentymuxtysix.servegame.com, port 2086!

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universe! Stop by to-day!

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