GC: Correspondence From the Goddess #23: Completely Terrible at Sounding Like Batman

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Here we go again. Making progress, woooo!  Someday I'll catch up.  As usual, http://goddesscorrespondence.tumblr.com and such.

She’s still so impulsive. I know that that is somewhat blunt, and I apologize. However, it is nevertheless unfortunately true. She may not be running off on her own like that anymore, but she still lacks the self-control that she really needs if she’s ever going to be capable of serving as a steward of reality.

- Elana

One of these days I’ll learn not to go run off on my own.



Yeah, who am I kidding? It’s just who I am. I love to run off and go exploring. I suppose normally that wouldn’t be such a problem, but when you’re me? Of course it is.

I remember Elana and I used to go off and explore around the house when we were little. Well, I liked the exploring. She would usually wind up just sitting there and birdwatching or staring at a caterpillar crawling along a leaf for an hour or whatever. But I had a good time, and then she would usually come find me up in a tree somewhere or something when it was time to go home. Man, I miss those days. I had a great time with her even when we were doing different things like that.

I really wish we did things like that now. I feel like I just can’t connect with her the way I used to. I was really hoping that the powers wouldn’t do anything to fuck up that relationship, more than anything else, but no. I can’t have any of the things I want, I guess.

Bluh bluh, look at the poor all-powerful being crying about her life. It sure is shitty having all this immortality and amazing skill at literally everything! God, I’m such a whiner.

So anyway. There I was, standing outside our apartment, with absolutely no clue where I should go or what I should do next. It was a stupid idea, of course, and I recognized that at the time. It was impulsive and I shouldn’t have done it. But I wasn’t going to back down. Even if it was a bad idea, I needed to do something with myself.

So then the question was what that something should be. In the morning, I was planning to visit the lab and see what they had to say. At this point, the burning need of my curiosity was overriding everything else, and I didn’t have anywhere else to go. I could try to go see some other doctor to get bloodwork done, hit up some minute clinic or something, but why would they even look for, well, for whatever it is there was to find? Only a research lab or one that had some idea of exactly what they were looking for would know, I imagined. And that was assuming I could even come up with a good reason for them to look.

I doubted there would be anything to see in any of the previous times I had had blood drawn, like when I was younger. If there had been, I certainly would have already known I was some kind of super-freak before I started having actual powers. And it wasn’t like there would be any blood from back then to test. So, given all of that, Rachel’s offer really did seem like the only way I was going to proceed.

However, it was definitely not morning, and I needed to kill time until it was. I refused to go back inside the apartment on principle, and I was already outside and walking down the street at this point. There was a bit of a chill on the wind. Nothing that would cause a problem, but just enough to make me regret leaving my jacket in my room.

Walking along, I pondered my situation some more. There was almost no one on the streets aside from me. Huh. It’s not that late. Oh well. Guess people don’t want to be out in the sno- Wait. Snow? I was barely cold and didn’t have my jacket on, but there was snow falling. I hadn’t even noticed since I was pretty comfortable. Shit, I guess I don’t get cold now. Well, THAT is actually pretty fucking convenient. So far, these powers were generally not a problem. I may not have been thrilled to have them, but they didn’t suck at least. The only part that really got frustrating was that I had to actually use them sometimes.

Which suddenly gave me an idea for what to do that night. These days I needed any excuse I had to burn off some juice, so why not go for a run? No one was out, and it would help keep me from feeling uncomfortable or developing another headache.

So I stood on the sidewalk, looking around one more time to make sure. Satisfied, I picked a direction, shrugged, and started to head for the edge of town. Once I was far enough away that I was satisfied no one would bother me, I would take off and run around until morning.

That was the plan, anyway. Instead, after walking for a few minutes, there was a voice coming from the alley I was walking by, deep and gruff, the sort that seemed like someone was doing their best Batman impression, if that person was completely terrible at sounding like Batman. “Freeze.” My heart sank into the pits of my stomach as I realized what was going to happen.

“Oh, I guess you already are,” I could practically hear the sneer in his voice. “Alright, just set your stuff down.”

I felt the gun barrel suddenly pressing against the side of my head, and I was trying hard not to panic. Not an easy thing in that situation, and frankly, I was proud of myself just that I managed not to hyperventilate in front of him.

“Did you hear me lady? Put down your stuff.”

“I don’t have anything,” I insisted, level-headed enough to avoid trying to turn and look at him, at least.My heart was pounding, head throbbing to the beat. Fuck he’s going to flip out and shoot me I just know it.

“Don’t lie to me, bitch. Give me what you’ve got, now!”He pulled back a little, his gun no longer pressing up against my head, but still no doubt trained on me.

Oh shit here it comes… I gulped, and part of me wanted to freeze from fear. I wasn’t about to give up quite that easily, though. Gotta do something… oh wait, right!

So I kicked on my superspeed. I squatted and spun to the side. His eyes were going wide, no doubt surprised by how quick I was moving. Briefly the thought flickered through my head that someone else knew about what I could do, but it was too late for that now. Besides, survival was always going to take priority. I wasn’t willing to die. Not now. Not before I at least understood something about where I came from. Who I was.

Time was moving slower than it ever had before. My legs powered forward, and I pulled my arm back. He still hadn’t even managed to start moving, and my fist collided with him with all the force I could muster.

I whirled around and ran. By the time he recovered from the punch, I would be far enough away that he couldn’t do anything about it. I was moving on instinct, my legs carrying me as fast as I had ever moved before. I ran, and ran, and kept on running. The world was a blur as adrenaline pushed me along.

- Lydia

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