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GODLING # 31:  The Reality Bomb Saga Part Five
by J. Vandersteen 


Vikings carrying carrying machine guns riding dinosaurs covered with armor, zombie-elves, dragons that walk like humans and carry scimitars have just fallen out of a gap in space and time in the Nevade desert. Leading them are two robed and bearded men from the  Council of War and Science, carrying glowing staffs.
	They just threatened the heroes, Godling, Eye-patch Godling (from another time / dimension), Sir Magick, Ninjoid and Bogatyr and told them their plans to conquer our world.
	Godling attacks without thinking, flying right to the head of one of the dinosaurs, a T-Rex. He lands on top of the head. The Viking sitting on the neck of the dinsosaur in a saddle opens fire on the hero. The bullets don’t faze him, channeling the invulnerability of Achilles. He kicks the Viking off the dinosaur with a kick Ares taught him on Olympus. The Viking rolls down the dinosaur’s back and lands with a thud on the ground.
	Godling conjures up a lightning bolt and throws it right into the neck of the T-Rex who growls loudly, stumbles and falls. Right on top of three sword-wielding zombie-elves. As the dinosaur falls Godling flies  towards the robed men.
	Ninjoid is using his laserkatana to slice through the zombie-elves, aided by Bogatyr and his broadsword. Meanwhile, Sir Magick takes down a dinosaur with a few mystic bolts.
	A Councilman points his staff at Godling and an energy bolt comes flying out of it. It slams into the hero, who just in time channels the invulnerability of Achilles to survive, but falls on his back from the impact. A dinosaur lifts a huge foot and is ready to stomp down on the hero. Covered in shadows by the large paw Godling is invisible for a few seconds. Then the dinosaur loses its balance as Godling uses the great strength of Hercules to push back the foot. The dinosaur crashes down on its back, the Viking riding it jumping from it just in time to prevent himself from getting crushed.
	“These are very powerful enemies,” Sir Magick says, “but we cannot give up… If they defeat us there is no one to stop them from invading our world.”
	“That is very right,” a Councilman says and shoots a bolt at the mage who just in time conjures up a magic shield of light to deflect it.
	“Maybe we should take down their leaders,” Eye-patch Godling says and runs towards the Councilmen, sword in hand.
	“Your twin didn’t get very near, why should you?” a Councilman says and fires another bolt. Eye-patch Godling manages to evade the bolt, using the speed of Hermes and comes close enough to the Councilman to take a swing at him with his sword.
	“I’ve got a few years of experience on my twin!”
	The Councilman catches the blade on his staff while the other Councilman hits Eye-patch Godling in the head with his own. The hero falls down. The Councilmen fire another few bolts at him.
	Our world’s Godling picks up his otherdimensional version with Hermes speed and carries him off, the bolts striking only sand.
	“Thanks for the save,” Eye-patch tells Godling.
	“You would have done the same, right?” 
	“Yeah, sure. Now how do we go about getting these clowns away from this dimension?”
	“I was hoping you knew how. You hopped into this one yourself, right?”
	“Yeah, but I don’t know how to get those guys back to their own. And I don’t want them in mine.”
	“Sounds like something for our resident magic-wielder… Sir Magick?”
	“I hear you,” Sir Magick says. “Just one moment. A littly busy.” The mage is surrounded by scimitar-wielding dragonmen.
	He says a magic spell and suddenly the monsters burst into flames.
	“Glad that guy’s on our side,” Eye-patch tells Godling.
	“That’s for sure,” Godling agrees.
	“I’m not sure how to get these invaders back to their own dimension. I’m not sure what there dimension is for one,” Sir Magick says.
	“Maybe we need to persuade them to go back. We still have some leverage over them,” Bogatyr shouts, while battling a bunch of zombie-elves.
	“Leverage?” Godling asks.
	“Their friend Throx,” Bogatyr explains. “Sir, can you teleport me back to my cave?”
	“Certainly,” Sir Magick says and wields a spell that takes him and Bogatyr away from the battlefield in a blinding flash.
	“Seems it’s up to us for moment now,” Eye-patch says, throwing a lightning bolt at a dinosaur.
	“So it seems,” Godling says and throws one too. Both bolts hit the dinosaur, knocking it down.
	“Attack them! Attack them!” a Councilman yells at the dragonmen.
	The dragonmen storm towards the two Godlings Ninjoid busies himself with the zombie-elves. Ninjoid throws shuriken at the elves that are made of laserlight, like his katana’s blade. The elves fall. A Viking steers his dinosaur at Ninjoid, noticing the elves need some help.
	Ninjoid slashes the dinosaur’s tendons with his katana. The dinosaur howls. Ninjoid throws a few shuriken at the dinosaur’s head. “Weak point detected,” Ninjoid says as he throws them.
	The shuriken are buried inside the dinosaur’s brain. It falls, crushing the last few standing elves.
	Kicking and punching dragonmen while catching their blades on his wristbands Godling fights like crazy. Beside him Eye-patch Godling slashes at the creatures with his sword using his left hand, his right hand hurls a fireball at a few dragonmen. The dragonmen catch fire.
	“That’s a bit extreme,” Godling thinks.
	“This is war, twin!” Eye-patch Godling says.
	Sir Magick and Bogatyr returns with a flash of light. Bogatyr has an arm wrapped around Throx’ throat and a knife against it.
	“Go back to your own dimension,” Bogatyr says. “Or he dies.”
	“I’m not sure I’m comfortable with this,” Godling says.
	Eye-patch holds up a hand, “I told you already that this is war.”
	“You won’t kill him,” a Councilman says, smug.
	“Trust me, I will,” Bogatyr says. “I’m not like Godling. I’m a warrior, not a superhero.”
	“As the one with the patch said, this is war. There are bound to be casualties,” a Councilman says.
	“No! You are my brothers! You can’t let him kill me!” Throx says.
	“Wouldn’t you let them if it was me there?” the Councilman says.
	“Maybe you should just look around you,” Godling says, standing amid a bunch of unconscious dragonmen. “We defeated most of your army. How long will it take before we defeat you? You picked the wrong dimension to invade. Just give up and leave before you fall as well.”
	The Councilmen look at each other. They look at the battlefield where Ninjoid is carving up a dinosaur while he kicks a Viking. Eye-patch Godling is standing on a pile of dragonmen, blood on his sword.
	“It makes sense to make a tactical retreat, obviously we weren’t prepared enough for this kind of resistance!” Throx says.
	The Councilmen whisper a few word against each other. Then, they say, “Very well. We will leave for now. Release Throx and we will go.”
	“I am warning you, you will all die if you are lying!” Eye-patch Godling says.
	“That is clear,” a Councilman says.
	Bogatyr lets Throx go, who runs to the other Councilmen.
	“We will retreat, but we will be back!” a Councilman says. He pushes a button on a wristband and all invaders start to fade and are suddenly gone.
	“That was one hell of a fight,” Eye-patch Godling says. “But we are victorious.”
	“They seem intent on returning though,” Godling says.
	“I will be monitoring for new gaps in the fabrics of our reality so we can ward them off again,” Sir Magick says.
	“We made a pretty good team,” Godling says. “Seems like it would be a good idea to team up again when faced with huge threats.”
	“We seem to be a good unofficial International Alliance of Heroes,” Sir Magick says.
	“Catchy name,” Godling says smiling.
	“But now, what about him?” Sir Magick says, pointing at Eye-patch Godling. “His very presence threatens the strengths of the fabrics of our reality.”
	Eye-patch Godling sighs. “I don’t want to endanger this world. I just wanted to make sure my son is born and Godling understands who is the right woman for him.”
	“You made your point. But still, the decision is up to me who I end up with,” Godling says.
	Eye-patch Godling points at himself and at Godling. “You are me. I am you. Why can’t my decision be yours?”
	“I don’t know. I like Janson, that’s not the problem. She doesn’t even know both my identity yet though. I just don’t know where it’s going.”
	“Think about it then. All I ask,” Eye-patch says. “Time to go I guess.” He says a magic spell like Circe would and there is smoke where he stood before.
	“Let me get you back to your own places,” Sir Magick says. “You can all use the rest.”
	“I think a reboot might be in order, indeed,” Ninjoid says.
	Sir Magick says a magic spell, leaving Bogatyr back at this cage, Ninjoid at the professor’s lab and Godling back in the apartment of professor Alexander.
	Exhausted Godling crashes in a lazy chair. “Man, I thought I’d seen it all before… But now… What to do with Janson? Am I attracted to her or is that just because my future self tried to make me like her?”

NEXT ISSUE: The usual supporting cast is back (Monica, Janson, Wade) as Godling faces a new villain!

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