8FOLD/ACRA: Jolt City # 20, "Download of Doom!" (3/3)

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Aug 17 17:27:53 PDT 2013

On 8/3/2013 7:53 PM, Tom Russell wrote:

> THE STORY SO FAR: Gallery, Whistler, and Cockatrice broke into Earbox
> Super-Security Prison. Pinning the blame on Gallery, Whistler and
> Cockatrice hacked into the Secret Internet and threw open the doors
> of all Super-Security Prisons across the United States, ostensibly to
> distract the four-colour community from her attempts to acquire the
> Black Note-- an infrasound frequency that causes the human brain to
> explode. After discovering Whistler's dead body and the exploded
> remains of a robotic Cockatrice hidden deep inside the prison itself,
> the Green Knight has a startling epiphany about the true identity of
> this robotic femme fatale and her possible endgame. But even if he's
> right, can he and the Blue Boxer cancel the file transfer on this...
> ...
> "The clock is wrong," says Derek. "We don't need the whole Black
> Note. Any one of its component parts is safe." The Architect picks up
> the ball. "So we just take one of the components. The program will
> check for that particular fingerprint, and any time any of the
> Gorgons tries to upload the Black Note, it finds the component and
> squashes it. That's brilliant."
> Martin regards Derek warmly. "You may have just saved the human race,
> kid."

I just wanted you to know, I *did* read the story.  I saved it for spare 
time, because I am not yet accustomed to reading novelettes while 
sitting at my computer, and I usually use my cell phone for online stuff 
instead of quality free ebooks such as you provide.  On Usenet your 
posts tend to lose their paragraph structure, but that's only fair if 
I'm reading for free.

I read the intro to Part 1 and skimmed the rest, but it got my full 
attention during Part 2.  When I get copious free time for reading, Jolt 
City is on my list of things to catch up on.

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