MISC: GODLING # 31: The Reality Bomb Saga Part Four

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GODLING # 31:  The Reality Bomb Saga Part Four
by J. Vandersteen 


The Nevada desert. Eye-patch Godling swings his broadsword at our universe and time’s Godling. Godling catches the sword on his wristbands. Sparks fly from them.
Godling kicks at Eye-patch Godling who manages to evade the kick by jumping a few steps back. Godling attacks with a roundhouse punch, connecting with Eye-patch Godling’s jaw. He shakes it off, protected by the invulnerability of Achilles. Immediately the apparently villainous Godling attacks again with the broadsword. Our Godling manages to either catch the sword on his wristbands or to duck and weave just in time to prevent getting hurt.
“I think you can use this one, catch!” Bogatyr shouts and throws his sword in the air. Godling catches it. SWOOP! SWOOSH! He makes a few practice swings.
“Now our chances our more even,” Godling tells his future counterpart.
“Not even close. I’ve got years and years more experience than you. You’re just a baby version of me!” Eye-patch Godling says and slashes with his sword.
Godling catches the sword on Bogatyr’s. “In my case the fate of the world might be at stake. I’m very motivated.”
Eye-patch Godling tries to stab Godling, but our hero manages to parry. “I’m fighting for love and the fate of the world!”
“I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”
“After I knock you down on your ass we might get a chance to talk,” Eye-patch Godling says and suddenly speeds up his move, channelling the power of Hermes.
Our Godling does the same, matching every superspeed thrust, stab and swing. Their moves are so fast the other heroes are unable to see what is going on. They only see sparks as metal strikes metal and feel a breeze from their swift movements. Dust is being kicked up by their fighting.
“Can’t see who’s winning… Should I get involved?” Bogatyr asks Sir Magick.
“Negative. The battle is winding down,” Ninjoid says.
And indeed, the dust settles… The Godlings stand still, breathing heavily, sporting cuts and bruises but they are still alive and well.
“We seem to be more evenly matched than I thought,” Eye-patch Godling says. “It seems there is something to be said for youth against experience. And of course, that is one amazing sword you’re carrying.”
“Da, it has been forged by me,” Bogatyr says.
“Are you tired enough to take a minute to listen to me?” Eye-patch Godling asks his counterpart.
“Speak,” Godling says and lowers the sword.
“Good. This is an amazing story, but you should have seen enough by now to understand it,” Eye-patch Godling said. “More than thirty years from now a great danger will threaten the world. You know in my world Master Destiny had enslaved all humanity. Without my son I would never have survived. In fact, when Master Destiny had me captured and fighting in his arena it was my son who freed me and made sure I was alive long enough to join the other Godlings in our great battle to defeat Master Destiny in your time-line, making sure he was defeated in mine as well.” (check out Godling #21)
“But… How did that work out? You were returned by the Greek Gods to your own timeline after that?”
“I was. Without Master Destiny the world was very different from the one I left. My son didn’t exist anymore for one.”
“So I will have a son? Or at least in another timeline?” Godling asks.
“Yes. But I fell in love with his mother because we fought together against Master Destiny when he ruled my world. When the timeline changed and Master Destiny was defeated before he conquered the world my relationship with her changed.”
“Who is this woman that becomes the mother of my son?”
“Janson, the officer you are dating.”
“What? Really?”
“It happened when we were both captured by Master Destiny when we, together with Darlene King, Wade Hudson and some heroes like Photon Boy and Doc Shaolin tried to invade his secret headquarters. Janson and I were captured, while the others managed to escape.  In the jail cell we shared I comforted her. That turned into more and we made love. From that a son was born.  A son with amazing powers we called Connor but was known to the world as Godling Boy. He grew up to be every bit the hero you and I are. Janson is an amazing woman and Connor an even more amazing boy. I can’t live without him. That’s why I came here, to my past. I wanted to put you two in some dire situations together so these experiences would get you to realize how much you feel for her and for her to realize how amazing you are. I was hoping that would result in you two ending up together again and giving birth to Connor.”
“That’s just crazy! What were you thinking? You’re telling me you were in fact responsible for some of the dangers I faced the last couple of weeks?” Godling clenches his fists.
“It may sound crazy to you know, but don’t forget, I’m just another future version of you. If you had a kid you might have seen the logic.”
“I think the fact you are from a future where your eye is put out and the world is enslaved by Master Destiny also has a hand in your worldview.”
“What I’m trying to say is I would just like you to think things over. Understand what I’m trying to tell you. You like Janson, don’t you?”
“Yeah, I do. But now you’re making me doubt if I really like her or was just manipulated into liking her by you.”
“I just cannot believe what I am hearing here,” Bogatyr says. “You Americans and your soap operas…”
“It IS quite a tale, isn’t it?” Sir Magick agrees.
Throx sits in Bogatyr’s cave, bound by the chains Godling forged. He smiles. “I feel the gap in reality becoming bigger. Those heroes made a big mistake just focusing on the other-dimensional Godling. With me still here there are two anomalies in this universe, causing the tear in reality to get bigger and bigger. Soon it will be enough for my brothers to follow me here.”
“Look at the sky!” Bogatyr says and points toward it.
The others gaze at the sky as well. There is a blazing orange light there. At first it looks like a sunset, then they note the strange colour of orange it is.
That’s when the otherworldly things come through the gap in reality.
Vikings carrying machine guns riding dinosaurs covered with armor, zombie-elves, dragons that walk like humans and carry scimitars fall out of the gap. Leading them are two Throx-lookalikes, obviously the others from the Council of War and Science, carrying glowing staffs.
“The Council of War and Science and their army!” Godling yells.
“We’ve been so stupid,” Sir Magick laments. “We shouldn’t have allowed that Throx bugger in our universe. That probably only served to widen the gap in reality.”
“Da, but we have to face the results of that now,” Bogatyr says and draws two daggers.
Eye-patch Godling readies his sword. “So it seems.”
Battle-ready the heroes stand before the otherworldly invaders who outnumber them in size and numbers.
“Surrender so we can conquer your world and we will only make you slaves,” one of the Council says.
“Go to Hades!” Godling says through gritted teeth…


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