LNH/META: Holiday Miracle Pet Week -- The third week of August!!!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 7 19:35:03 PDT 2013

A response to a post from Scott by me...

 >No, I'm fine with not using Parsnip in August if he doesn't exist
 >then.  The story was in danger of getting too complicated with more
  >than two Holiday Pets around anyway.  Though now I'm thinking of a
  >sequel, A Very Devil Dog Christmas.  (heh heh)
 >But let's explore this concept of Holiday Pets not existing outside
 >holiday season...

 >Habanero has claimed to be American before Anglo-Americans were even
 >in America.  So his powers may not be heavily tied to July 4th.  *And*
 >he's a cat, so he's likely to do what he wants anyway.  But I'll grant
 >he's an exception to the rule.


I'd probably just go with my Miracle Pets work a certain way and
other people's Miracle Pets work however they want them to


 >Limabean the Richtofen's Birthday Devil Dog was sent to the Looniverse
 >specifically to be a Miracle Pet.  If he doesn't get to be one, does
 >that violate the terms of his existence there?  Or does he stay a
 >plain old zombie dog or even a fully living dog, since he's beyond the
 >power of the people who cast the original spell on him?  Let's hope we
 >don't find out.  I hesitate to toss out a character concept that

 >If he does gets confirmed as a Miracle Pet, I can see he might have to
 >follow the holiday existence rule.  That would probably be a mercy for
 >him.  His holiday would be May 2nd, and possibly the week of the
 >Oshkosh aviation festival.  But that would rule out him meeting
 >Parsnip or other Miracle Pets, unless there's ... a Holiday Miracle!

And I can't say for sure they don't exist.  They just might be 
vacationing in places
where no one can ever find them (including the LNH Writers) during the time
of the year that's outside their Holiday Season.

I think keeping certain aspects about the Miracle Pets a mystery is

I mean once you have a Rational Explanation about why a
Miracle works... it kind of stops being a Miracle.

Anyway, I declare the 3rd week of August -- Holiday Miracle Pet
Week.  A week in which writers can write different season
Miracle Pets teamed up together if anyone wants to do that.

If you don't that's fine.

Arthur "Probably won't write a story for it..." Spitzer

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