LNHY: Looniverse Y #13: 0th Fit

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On Tue, 30 Apr 2013 02:10:03 +0000 (UTC), Adrian J. McClure wrote:

> [ The cover shows a hexagonal jewel floating in space. The central hexagon 
> shows a massive, grungy, vaguely Moebius-esque spaceship looming over the 
> Earth from space. The surrounding facets, each a different color, show 
> (counterclockwise) the LNH making posing dramatically in front of their HQ 
> with in the center,  Kid Kicked-out passed out at a bar, Exclamation!
> Missy! fighting a giant stalk of corn, the System Corruptors posing 
> dramatically in front of their HQ with Kid Enthusiastic in the center, a young
> woman tied to an altar while a shadowy figure fights off a bunch of tentacles,
> and a hand holding an umbrella that crackles with cosmic power.]

Shiny. o.o Cosmic. Portentious.

> Ultimate Power Lad looked up at the sky and saw the cloud of dead gods and 
> heroes floating in the air.


> It was a Burger Emperor crown--a fast food franchise that didn’t exist in
> Ultimate Power Lad’s world and hadn’t existed in the Last Legionnaire’s 
> either. It was the last thing anyone even remembered about a world that had 
> died a long time ago.

You're really setting the stakes up to "mega-epic". <3 I like it.

> "I... No. But that's a sort of thing a net.hero would say."
> "Good to hear." The Last Legionnaire hugged him.

At first blush, this seems oddly affectionate. And yet... why not, at the
end of the world? (And then I read down and realized, no, they're actually
in love. <3)
> The Book contained every superpower in existence, and the Dice selected 
> three of them at random. He rolled the dice, which floated up and spun 
> around in midair, their symbols shifting. His three powers for the day 
> would be flight, ice generation, and communicating with ferrets. The icons 
> on the chest and shoulder pads of his armor shifted to match.

Ooooooooh. Randompowers are lots of fun, both in games and in stories. I
wondered how you were going to balance Ultimate Power Lad.

> "I guess... I guess you'll be moving on now. You couldn't save this world, 
> but maybe you can save the next one."
> The Last Legionnaire laughed. "No. I'm done now. No one can survive this 
> kind of thing more than once with their mind intact. That's how it's always 
> been. It's your turn now."

...oooooooooh. Very good. A dark legacy indeed.

> "Well, you helped me when I was a wreck and couldn't remember who I was  
> or what I was here for. You may not be the world's greatest hero, but 
> you're *my* hero."

Awwwwwwww! <3

> "You won't. It's not just you. All the world's net.people need to get 
> together to stop this. That's where I failed. I've never exactly been good
> at getting along with people. But you... you put up with me for all this
> time. And that's a real feat.”

Why am I reminded of the end of Morrison's JLA?

> "I loved you. Still do."

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! <3

> "This is the nexus of all the unrealized potentialities of history,
> everything that doesn't fit into the framework of continuity of linear
> time. The M'Gaann Crystal."

*snerk!* Yes good.

> He wondered what that thing really was. Was the ship itself sentient, or 
> was there someone piloting it? What did they want? Did they even know what
> they were doing? He imagined something strange and utterly alien, 
> something infinitely beyond his comprehension.
> ****
> "Well," said Larry, to no one in particular.

257 Transition Points to you, good sir.

> To be honest, Larry couldn't even remember how he got this job. He
> couldn't remember ever meeting his bosses. He just found himself here one
> day and started working. He knew in vague terms what his job was--taking
> apart "defective" worlds, whatever that meant, so their parts could be used
> to create new ones.

Creepy as hell. o.ov

> Maybe this was going to be a better world. A world worth saving.

*looks up at LNHY in title* Ooooooooooh. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Perfect.

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