LNH: Beige Midnight #12: 'The Last LNH Story' (3/3)

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On Sep 25, 8:59 pm, Arthur Spitzer <arspit... at earthlink.net> wrote:

> As an ending for a Marvel or DC, it would have probably worked.  But I
> didn't think it was a good ending for an LNH story.  So I decided to go
> for a sillier Fourth Wall breaking kind of ending.  And perhaps I hoped
> that by the time I got to writing Beige Midnight #12 that maybe I'd
> think up something better than that.  It didn't work out that way.

I thought the ending you gave us was not only in the spirit of the
but also in the spirit of Beige Midnight itself.

That is to say: amid this big, sprawling epic that stomps its way
all of time and space, it's the small, personal stories -- like the
relationship between Ripping Dancer and Fearless Leader -- that really
stood out, and made me want to keep reading.

'Beige Midnight' was filled with characters -- like Bart, and Munchkin
Man, and Mynabird -- who really wanted to be involved in a titanic
struggle, the kind of thing that Geoff Johns would have spun into
three or four miniseries at least if this story had taken place in the
DC universe.  Here, however, those characters ended up looking
ridiculous even when they succeeded.

The Writer, meanwhile, ended up creating a series of small, beautiful
moments amid the chaos of an epic catastrophe -- which is no mean
I think someday that 'Beige Midnight' could well be regarded as the
first LNH novel.

Oh, and I really liked the title of the last chapter, and the fact
rather than being the last story about the LNH, it's the story
of the last LNH.  Clever, that.

--Rob Rogers
--Is looking forward to reading the whole thing again

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