LNH: Easily-Discovered Man #54

Mitchell Crouch msc376 at uowmail.edu.au
Mon Sep 24 21:15:33 PDT 2012

On Tuesday, September 25, 2012 2:36:41 AM UTC+10, EDMLite wrote:

Suddenly: excitement!

>      1). My favorite character in "The Adventures of
>      Easily-Discovered Man" is:

>      b. Easily-Discovered Man Lite

>      2). My favorite antagonist of EDM and company is:
>      c. There are antagonists?  I thought everyone just
>      walked around making jokes.

>      3). During the next year, I'd like to see Easily-
>      Discovered Man...

>      a. In a cross-over with "Axe Cop."


>      4). The one thing I feel that's been missing from
>      this series is...

e. The ability to hold me close at night and whisper sweet nothings in my ear.

>      5). I'd really like to see Lite end up with...

I dunno. I kind of like having Lite not 'ending' up with anyone. His relationships are more real that way (given his age), and I don't know that his character would really gain anything from a long term relationship.

>      "If that's all you believe you are -- a character in
> someone else's story -- then that's all you'll ever be,"

That one's totally going as my Facebook status.

>      "Hec..." Penelope began, then stopped.  "Do YOU
> ever feel 'just a little bit tingly' when using your
> spatula?"
>      "Well," I said, "maybe just a little.  But only..."


>      "Yeah," I said.  "Spoiler alert: Most of them are not
> going to be working in the industry once 'Beige Midnight'
> is over."

That's a lot of people unemployed in the next few days.
>      "You and Easily-Discovered Man were different,"
> she said.  "Instead of fighting us, you helped us.  You
> didn't act like a hero -- you just thought and felt and
> did things like an ordinary guy.  And that was what made
> you special."

I think this is true for a lot of the best heroes in fiction, whether they're from comedy or drama. It's nice to see Lite get a little recognition in-universe.

>      I stared at Penelope, wondering how it was that super- 
> villains, thugs, ghouls and robots never seemed to get the
> drop on me, but women always did.

Story of my life.

>      "You," she continued, "are an ordinary teenage boy. 
> Nothing more, nothing less."
>      "You probably say that to everyone you catch staring
> at you during sweater season."
>      "True," she said.  "But it's important -- literally  
> matter of life and death -- that you understand that's what
> you are, Hector, and that being just an ordinary guy is
> all you'll ever need to be.  Because one of these days
> you're going to find yourself up against something you can't
> punch, or kick, or joke your way out of.  And when that 
> happens, the super-hero in you is going to freeze. 
>      "But the ordinary guy is going to kick some ass," 
> she added.  "If you let him."

Did the LNH tumblr need more quotes, because I'd like to volunteer this. Go Lite, you good thing!

>      I arrived in Net.ropolis with a powerful ache in my
> neck -- the result of fourteen hours on the bus in a series
> of unfortunate positions -- and a firm resolve to make
> something better of myself, to take things just a little
> more seriously and behave, for once, as an adult.

Hopefully just for the one time, though.

I always love it when a new EDM comes out. It was one of the first series I started reading on RACC, and it's nice to see it still going strong.


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