LNH20/LUNA: Emme: Blood Gaiden #1

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On 9/17/2012 9:42 AM, Andrew Perron wrote:
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>                             Emme: Blood Gaiden
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>                                     #1
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> On a windy summer day, a ten year old girl was sulking on a bed in a
> hotel room.
> "Well, now all I have to do is find *another* kind, intelligent,
> creative, funny, sensitive GOD DAMMIT" I threw a pillow at the door.
> "Hey, it was *your* choice," said Tyler, passing by the gloomy room.
> I jumped and looked daggers at him. "You don't have to remind me!
> I know! I remember!"
> He shrugged, and left.

I'm not getting this sequence, and it seems odd for a ten year old girl 
no matter how mature.  Perhaps it'll make more sense next issue...

>      ?You are a strong, beautiful person. Use that strength to bring that
> beauty to the rest of the world. We know you can do it.
> Your Loving Parents"
> "..."
> I took a deep breath, tossed the letter on the bed, and stood up.
> "Where are you going?" asked Tyler.
> "To make a difference."

Now that's a pretty awesome origin.

<snip action scenes>

> The world around us was frozen.  It seemed that he and I were the only
> ones who could move, but I tried to stay in position, blend into the
> background-- until I saw it.  The thing that scared me the most, the
> bloody ghost of my nightmares. For years, I'd woken up, screaming in
> middle of the night... (...but that's a different story.)
> I saw the ghost take a step forward and I couldn't hold back a whimper.
> The boy's head snapped around. "There you are."
> "...no..." I whispered, taking a step back.

... oooh, nice action scenes.  I'm looking forward to more.

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