LNH/HYPE: Everything Ends in September!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Sep 14 13:20:42 PDT 2012

In August 2008, the first issue of Beige Midnight was posted.

And now after Four Long Years of Grueling Waiting, the Final Two Issues 
will finally come out!  Finally!

September 19-21:  Beige Midnight #11:  'The Week Before the End'!

It's April 2008, and the LNH has defeated Hex Luthor, Bart the Dark 
Receptionist, and Mynabird and his Legion of Net.Freedome Lovers.

But the Bryttle Brothers are still asleep.  And now the LNH has just one 
more week to prepare for this battle that could perhaps be their final one!

September 25 (Although 24 for the Arizona Time Zone): LNH Comics 
Presents #509 (Assuming someone doesn't post 509 before I post it): 
'Beige Midnight Comes Tomorrow!'

It's 2012, and the LNH come to the horrifying revelation that maybe 
Beige Midnight didn't actually end back in 2008!

And Finally:

Midnight Net.ropolis Time (Eastern Time) September 26 (25 for those of 
us living in Arizona):  Beige Midnight #12:  'The Last LNH Story'!!!!!

Arthur "Be Very Disappoined!" Spitzer

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