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> Subject: LNH/META: Quotes!
> Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 22:47:07 -0700
> All right, so the LNH Tumblr fell by the wayside for a bit, but I'm
> charging it back up - and I need your help!
 For some strange reason I automatically thought of the opening to 
_Digital Jump!_ #1, and haven't really come up with anything else in 
the week or so since then:
     As the sun rose over the hills outside Net.ropolis, the city 
began to waken.  In thousands of houses, apartments, secret lairs, and 
fortresses of solitude, alarm clocks went off, heralding the new day 
in the most annoying way possible.  Thousands of hands slapped 
thousands of snooze buttons, and nine minutes later, thousands of 
people stepped into the shower, bringing thousands of extra dollars in 
revenue thanks to thousands of fanservice-hungry comic book buyers as 
well as thousands of airbrushed swimsuits to deflect thousands of 
angry letters from the parents of thousands of Cartoon Network- 
watching children.
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