SW10: Powernaut 2011 #3: Time to Smash the First Meteor!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sun Sep 9 18:27:04 PDT 2012

I've decided to publish to the general public on Mondays.  Consider this 
the RACC special preview.


I really blew through my pixel budget on the space action scenes.  Oh 
well.  But I think "BOOM" turned out nicely.

Wyatt's getting a workout as narrator. Wow, this takes me back to when I 
used to write web pages instead of drawing them. But nowadays, with 
twenty years of storyline, most of my writing is cross-references. 
Speaking of which, here's Wyatt's narration with cross-references!


All the links here can be found under http://www.eilertech.com/stories/ .

I promise I'll talk about Ellipses after the next episode. Right now, I 
feel the urge to talk about evil mages. Though I prefer the term "magic 

World's simplest explanation: People may be pricks or not-pricks, and 
they may get superhuman powers from either science or magic. The pricks 
who have magic powers like to call themselves Black Mages. They go on 
and on about how liberating it is to practice the Black Arts. Pricks.

Every four years including 2011, they have a Black Arts Competition, 
kind of an evil magic Olympics. Winners get moved up in their pecking 
order, which buys them some extra evil magic. For the 2007 challenge, 
they basically set Greece on fire. Pricks.

Right now there are four pricks at the top of their pecking order. There 
used to be five, until the Mighty Tim, Doctor Lithium (!) and I took 
down Gaio Matrix. You're welcome, it was our pleasure. 
(2011/endgame2.txt) Here's who's left:

*  Lady Ebony. (2011/surprise.txt) Also known as the Mom of the Devil's 
Brat. (2008/devilwar.htm) Also known as Black Girl from Indianapolis in 
1971. (2011/1971.txt) She and I go way back.

*  Mary Mystery. (2009/mary_mystery.htm) She and I are almost family; I 
almost married her great-aunt. Mary's the one who stopped me. Nothing 
against my ex, but I should probably thank Mary. (2010/judy.htm) Now 
she's sixteen, still filled with Goddess-powers, and almost as mature as 
a ten-year-old.

*  The Spectral Torch. That was him setting Greece on fire. 
(2007/others.htm#fire) Also known as the Trepannator. Also known as 
Captain Horror. Also known as the Candlemaker. Also known as the 
Harvester of Eyes. He's tried a lot of things over the years, and they 
haven't worked out well for him. Hence his current aspect as a spectre. 
But he's really John Valsi. He probably hates me more than anyone else 
does. But his archenemy is Mary of Nazareth. Yes, *the* Mary. He picked 
a fight with her. That failed so spectacularly, the city of Little Rock, 
Arkansas became holy ground. (jehovah.htm#mary)

*  Flack Chasterman. He's new, and I haven't run across him. But he's 
the one who blew up Yellowstone. (Though I suspect the Spectral Torch 
helped.) That put Flack at the top of the pecking order, which Lady 
Ebony doesn't like at all. (2011/endgame2.txt)

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