SW10/META: Theme Music

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sat Sep 8 11:42:24 PDT 2012

I'm a bit behind on publishing my weekly Powernaut comic, due to the 
double episode last weekend.  And I see no reason to rush it.  I think 
if I start publishing on Mondays instead of Saturdays, I'll reach a 
slightly different audience.

So today I'm coming up with theme music for my characters.  I've known 
which song goes with which character for years now - aside from the 
Powernaut who's new to fame, and I've finally figured him out.  Now, 
thanks to a recent MP3 file shopping spree, I know how to give links to 
sound clips.

*  Ellipsis:  Please Don't Touch, by Steve Hackett. 
  I envision this song as the opening music for the Ellipsis weekly 
animated show.

*  Wyatt Ferguson:  Shadow Warrior, by Blue Oyster Cult. 
  This is my own theme music too.  Go figure.

*  The Powernaut:  the old campfire song Three Jolly Fishermen.  (The 
one that goes, "They all went down to Amsterdam; Amster Amster Dam Dam 
  This also belongs in front of an animated cartoon show, albeit with a 
different target audience than Ellipsis.  Naturally I've changed the 
lyrics a bit...

It's time for fun with Powernaut!
We'll all have fun with Powernaut!
Power Power Naut Naut Naut!
Power Power Naut Naut Naut!
The mighty mighty Powernaut!

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