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On 8/30/12 10:47 PM, Andrew Perron wrote:
> All right, so the LNH Tumblr fell by the wayside for a bit, but I'm
> charging it back up - and I need your help!
> One of the post options on Tumblr is a quote, and I thought it'd be a
> useful promotional tool! So, what are some of your favorite quotes from
> various LNH issues?
> Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, show 'em what we're made of

Okay here are some off the top of my head:

Hubert Bartels (Integrity Quest):

	On the third floor, facing the street, there was a clubroom for the
members of the LNH. Here, LNH heros could relax in deep leather chairs while
reading newspapers and comics, drinking brandy and other strong drinks 
to the
soft sounds of a string quartet. A quite civilized place, it was one of the
favorite haunts of Comic-Snob-Boy. He turned away from the bay window and
gestured for another snifter of cognac.
	"Yes, another victim of poor comic nourishment. This is what you
get when you only see cheap faddish mainstream comics," he began. "The
only cure is a heavy dosage of quality, well-written comics." He pointed
his empty cognac glass at the books beside his wingchair. "Cerebus, for
example. Sandman, or Miracleman. Bean World." He sighed heavily and waited
while Graves refilled his glass. "Poor girl. Friends don't let friends
read Youngblood."
	Outside, the rain washed away the blood...

David R Henry (Particle Man Annual):

	One day, the HoloDeck Station would be destroyed.

The Legion of Net.Heroes didn't know it, but that day was coming.  It was
being planned by a certain character who, if we were to go into gruesome
detail now, would spoil a perfectly good story that just has the misfortune
of not being written yet.

That doesn't mean that it isn't a incisive, witty story, full of deep
belly-laughs and wry observations. It is indeed, thank you very much, and
would be a much more well-adjusted unwritten story if people like you would
stop looking so damned superior and smug.

That being said, perhaps it's better that that story just remains unwritten,
as it's also a very self-conscious story, remarkably so for one not yet
written, and has a hard time living up to advertising hype.

But the person who is planning the destruction of the HoloDeck Station is
around. Even worse, he's an old Legionnaire himself, and knows the way the
cold horror of betrayal can wound the hardest heart. He also knows that it
would get him a buck-fifty per column inch and press copy in a deflated
newsmarket, and friends may be friends, but a job's forever.

But since it isn't that tragic day -- yet -- we'll feel free to use the
HoloDeck Station.

Saxon Brenton (Limp Asparagus Lad #44):

      .oO( Egads! ) thought Mister Homage as he took stock of the
situation.  ( What a Machiavellian fiend The Worm must be! He easily
manoeuvred me into conflict with this Legionnaire, and now he's
obviously planning to wait until we exhaust each other before stepping
in and destroying us utterly! )
      Meanwhile, The Worm continued to graze on dirt.

Jaelle (Writers Block Woman# 7 -- CAW! & WBW Wedding!)

The day of the wedding:

"Congrashulations. I shink the two of you will make a lovely couple. *hic*
Great shampagne by sh'way." Demon Boy wandered off. He shlung... I mean
_slung_ his arm around Leviathan Lass who was giggling happily into her
glash.. that's _glass_ dammit!

"Man. Even the narrator's sloshed." observed Mouse.

Rob Rogers (Easily-Discovered Man #17):


   7. "Where Everybody Knows Your Name"  Huggy last-episode farewell 
into drunken bash on the set of McLaughlin Man's show with the cast, 
other LNH
members, and their authors engaging in sybaritic revelry.  Wilcox and 
drink their way through an Hour of Power with Wilcox bellowing, "Now 
that's a
MAN's livercide" after every shot; wReam staggers around the room 
shouting "You
the Man!  You the Man!" at Van Domelen.  Chaos ensues.

Arthur "Back from Vacation" Spitzer

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