MISC: One Day at a Time: The Chronicles of Mike Kittyman #25

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                   The Chronicles of Mike Kittyman #25
                            Heroic Sleepover

Announcer: Boy, I sure am glad I was given two months vacation for that 
big event that took place. Y'know, the recent one that we're avoiding 
the name of, to keep this chapter from becoming dated? It was the 2012 
Summer Olympics! But that wasn't the reason there wasn't a new chapter 
in these two months. It's because the writer got laz--

Mike: So John, did you figure out how that guy's pocket dimension 

John: Oh, was I supposed to do that? Hang on, I'll go back and study 


*Five-seconds-later warp!*

Alex: That was fast.

The Arch Mage: I work fast. Also? I'm a wizard.

Mike: So how does it work?

The Arch Mage: I'll study it later. I'm tired.

Mike: ...doesn't it take you like five seconds to study things?

The Arch Mage Turning To John: *mumbly noises* *while he lies down on 
the table*

Mike: Eh, you're right. What's on TV? *switch ON!*

Anchorwoman: And in other news, this guy discusses why everyone who 
disagrees with him about anything sucks.

Mike: *switch OFF!* Oh, right. Let's check the internet.

Internet Article: Why everyone who disagrees with me on anything sucks!

Mike: Welp, that sucks. Let's go watch a video review.

Announcer: Fifteen to forty-five minutes later...

Alex: I like *INSERT INTERNET REVIEWER HERE!* And by far, that review 
of *INSERT THING HERE!* was my favorite of their reviews!

Mike: Well I prefer the *INSERT ANOTHER THING HERE!* review, and-- 
Hey, actually, has there been an emergency that requires us? *checks 
the police phone* ...oh. No. ...is anyone else BORED?

John: Eh, I'm too tired to care.

Mike: Well, what do we do now?

Alex: Sleep?

Mike: Nah, I've done that already. I want to do something, but 
nothing's happening!

Announcer: Well, you *could* go out and look for crimes, and even 
prevent some!

Alex: We could build a pillow fort.

Announcer: I figured that was the case. I wonder if I have the power to 
control the story?

Mike: Well we *could* go out and look for crimes, and even prevent 
some... but your idea works too.

Announcer: No, if I was in control I wouldn't have this happen.

Mike: Okay, I could make a pillow fort--

up-- oh, or she doesn't?* Oh, excuse me Mike, did you want to keep 
laying on me?

Mike: Well... nah, I'll go make that pillow fort now. *Okay, now he 
definitely gets up. These people should make up their minds before they 
do something.*

Alex: Okay, fort time! Oh, there's only two cushions... eh, that's 
okay, I've made a fort out of less.

Announcer: ...how much less?

John: I could provide you with more couch cushions if I wasn't tired. 
Or if I felt like it.

Alex: Just turn this to the left and... there we go!

Announcer: JEEZ! That thing is more impressive than actual forts! Hey, 
we are getting video of this, right? Oh good, I'dI hate to have anyone 
miss it.

Mike: Okay, I have pillo-- Huh, nice fort.

Announcer: ...huh? Oh right! A few minutes later.

Alex: Now I've seen many a fort in my day but these two forts are the 
best forts I've ever done see!

Mike: So now what?

Alex: ...

John: Okay, I think I'm ready.

Alex: You want to help me figure out what to do?

The Arch Mage: No, I mean ready to study that information I got. 

Mike: So how did the guy make his own pocket dimension thingy?

The Arch Mage: Hmmmm...

Mike: ...

The Arch Mage: Hmmm...

Mike: ...

The Arch Mage: Hmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Announcer: Oh for fu-- TELL US ALREAD--

Alex: It's based off your own mind. Y'know, like desires and fears and 
mental traumas. Something like that?

The Arch Mage: That's... correct! How did you know?

Alex: I've seen so much stuff where that's the case, it's pretty much
 the rule.

Announcer: ...okay then, that told us a lot. Thank you.

Mike: So what does it mean for us?

The Arch Mage: Well... not really much right now. I'd have to study it 
more first.

Alex: How long will that take?

The Arch Mage: ...until I can field test it, a while.

Mike: I get what you're saying, and I'm ready!

Alex: Me too!

The Arch Mage: Great! Whose mind do we explore?

Announcer: ...wait, you're ending this now? We don't get to explore the 
characters' backstories or the darkness within? Man, I hate 
cliffhangers that take way too long to resolve, especially if the 
author takes way too long to write it. Lazy pri--



Author's Note: Welp, I hope that wasn't too disappointing for those who 
waited. For those on tumblr who waited one month instead of two, get 
used to disappointment.

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