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On 10/24/2012 12:17 PM, Ted Brock wrote:

> The Reality Quake of the 1st Century AD
> was not the origin of Christianity, but locked out the means for the
> Greco-Roman, Egyptian, Babylonian, etc. to mess with mortals, paving
> the way for Judeo-Christianity to expand.  There was another Quake in
> 1066 AD that locked out the Norse gods.

Actually, I was thinking Christianity caused the Reality Quake, not vice 
versa.  Though that might be scandalous to say in a story.  Not that I 
care though; I think if Thor can be prominent in comics, why not 
Christian figures?  If you read the text parts of Powernaut 2011 really 
closely, you'll find Mary of Nazareth got in the backstory!

 > In short, I figured there'd be a reality quake every thousand years or
 > so, give or take a century.

I tend to have them more like once every two years.  Or my stories do, 

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