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> DR. NIKOLA TESLA                          (Supporting Cast)
> Real Name: Nikola Tesla.
> Legal Status: Naturalized citizen of the United States with no
> criminal record, legally deceased as of 1943.  It is as yet uncertain
> whether he has legally nullified his deceased status.
> History: Nikola Tesla's history from his birth in 1856 until his death
> in 1943 is well documented.  What is still a complete mystery to all
> is how he managed to return from the dead during the Reality Quake ten
> years ago.  He claims to have taken advantage of the Quake itself to
> remain when many other entities thought to be side-effects of the
> Quake faded.  Biologically, he is a man in his mid 40s, and yet he
> remembers his entire life, including his death at age 87.

I'd missed this detail in the original story.  I figured the original 
took place in the past.

> -----------------------------------------------------------
> ZEUS                                      (Supporting Cast)
> Real Name: Zeus.
> History: ...The Romans knew him as Jupiter, often
> shortened to Jove, and the Roman Empire at its height worshiped him.
> Zeus and the rest of the Olympians were on top of the world, and
> enjoying life to the fullest.
> 	Then something very strange happened.  Roughly two thousand years
> ago, Olympus and its underworld realms, Hades and Tartarus, were cut
> off from Earth.  As the gods failed to make appearances, their
> worship, initially sustained by the highly regimented Roman clergy,
> fell off sharply as a sect of a little-known monotheistic religion
> that originated in the vicinity of what is now Israel, Syria, and
> Jordan grew in popularity.  (Some of the more scholarly gods, such as
> Hermes, Athena, and Hephaestus, have attributed this to a "Reality
> Quake", similar to the event of a few years ago.)

... why, yes, that *would* explain ancient mythology in a manner 
suitable for comic books!  Well done.

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