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On Monday, October 22, 2012 2:39:11 PM UTC-4, Ted Brock wrote:
> StarFall Comics
> Proudly Presents

Oh hey, this still exists! <3

> Real Name: Nikola Tesla.

I've never heard of anyone named Nikola! I'm Prince Nikola!

> 	The first two years after his return Tesla spent in a legal battle
> over his patents, not to mention his deceased status.

Wouldn't all those patents be loooooooooooooong expired either way?

> During this
> time, he acclimated himself to modern technology, marveling at the
> wonders that weren't even dreamed of in his day, while complaining
> vocally about wasted opportunities.  Overnight, he became a very
> colorful celebrity, much to his own dismay.  He was shrewd enough,
> though, to parlay his celebrity status into a small fortune.

This all feels right.

> 	Many of Tesla's inventions, he soon discovered, were being declared
> classified in the interests of 'national security', a stance which
> Tesla himself found at odds with his ideas of propagating advanced
> technology.

Is this something that ever actually happens in real life? I have to admit I don't know!

> Uniform: A two-tone purple bodysuit, with the divider between the
> colors running from her right shoulder to her left hip, the lighter
> purple above the divider; a dark purple full-face cowl with reflective
> lenses over the eyes, black gloves, black boots.

Hm, good stuff!

> Occupation: Head of the Greco-Roman pantheon (for the time being).


> Identity: The general populace of Earth does not believe Zeus to be
> anything other than a mythological figure.

...okay but how

> Other Aliases: Jupiter, Jove (his Roman names), the Thunderer, God of
> Thunder, King of the Gods, KingZeus11419.


> Marital Status: Married, but that hasn't stopped him.

Heh heh heh.

> 	Then something very strange happened.  Roughly two thousand years
> ago, Olympus and its underworld realms, Hades and Tartarus, were cut
> off from Earth.  As the gods failed to make appearances, their
> worship, initially sustained by the highly regimented Roman clergy,
> fell off sharply as a sect of a little-known monotheistic religion
> that originated in the vicinity of what is now Israel, Syria, and
> Jordan grew in popularity.  (Some of the more scholarly gods, such as
> Hermes, Athena, and Hephaestus, have attributed this to a "Reality
> Quake", similar to the event of a few years ago.)

...hnnnnn. I am not entirely comfortable with this implication? I think it falls under the same rule as "don't make it so that aliens were responsible for the Nazis". NOT, mind you, that I am comparing either Christianity or pagan Rome to the Nazis, but it seems weird to retcon a Reality Quake into the origins of the current largest religion?

> 	Shorn from the worship of mortals of Earth, Zeus and his family
> looked elsewhere for worshippers.  These They found on other mortal
> planes, ultimately being worshipped not, as on Earth, by a segment of
> the population, but by the entire billion-plus populations of these
> other planets.

Now *this*, OTOH, is a fascinating concept. (And honestly, I've wondered before why the ASH gods didn't try this - other than Santarus, anyway.)

> Strength Level: As strong as he needs to be!

Average strength level of a deity who really doesn't get enough exercise.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, need to get into more lifting rocks you can't lift.

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