META: LNH version of Watchmen

WildCard wildcard at
Thu Oct 18 21:20:13 PDT 2012

Hi everyone, I have an LNH META question.  Years ago (probably late
2005 or early 2006), I printed out an LNH version of Watchmen, and I
can not remember the name of the story so I can get it again (I have
no idea where the printout is anymore).  I do remember it was in 12
parts, and each part began with a description of the cover (issue 7
was a description of the "If P Then Q (P->Q)" logo of the detective
character).  Does anyone else remember the story I am talking about?
The story had two epilogues that really brought a couple of the
dangling plot threads to a good closure.  It may have been LNH.Men, but
the LNH.Men: Silver Age story in the archive is not the story I am
thinking of (no cover descriptions at the start of each issue), but I
will be checking it out. :-)

Also, given that DC is now publishing Before Watchmen, will the LNH
respond with more stories set in this alternate universe?

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