HCC: HCC#31 Results

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 11 20:49:09 PDT 2012

On 10/11/12 11:50 AM, EDMLite wrote:
>       Building Suspenders Lad stared at the envelope in his
> hands.
>       Why?  he thought.  Why me?  And why now?
>       Why had he, of all the members of the Oddball Legion,
> been chosen to deliver the news of the winner of the latest
> High Concept Challenge, whatever that was?
>       Why not another member of the Legion -- Penultimate
> Ninja, or Particleboard Man, or Good-Timing Girl, or even
> So-Lame-Not-Even-Saxon-Brenton-Would-Create-A-Parody-
> Alternate-Version-of-Him-for-a-Throaway-Gag Lad?
> Why the Oddball Legion at all?
> Why?  Why?
>       And yet, Building Suspenders Lad thought, perhaps it
> made sense after all.  Perhaps someone had remembered his
> glory days -- when he had prevented the collapse of the
> Golden Goat Bridge with an enormous pair of flexible
> rainbow suspenders?
>       Or the time he had ended the cosmic threat of the
> Peanut Bryttle Brothers by placing both of them in
> suspendered animation?
>       Or how his piano-key suspenders had saved humanity
> by allowing Pants-Rabid Lad to keep his pants in place?


Best HCC Results Post Ever!

Arthur "Or Bust HZZ Pee Cults Pest Never..." Spitzer

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