HCC: HCC #32 - Wait for it....

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Thu Oct 11 14:52:50 PDT 2012

     Jack leapt over the hot dog cart, the dubious aroma reminding him that
for good or ill, he'd had to skip breakfast.  Sliding under a cluster of
leashes between a dog-walker and his charges, Jack tried to make up a few
precious seconds, and he thanked his ancestors that none of the dogs had
befouled the sidewalk (although that would have made sliding a little easier,
he supposed).
     There.  His goal.  The portal swinging shut with the finality of death,
or at least a really bad day.
     With no time to spare, Jack slipped through, the doors nearly slicing
off his trailing arm.  It would have grown back eventually, but he needed it
     Well, perhaps he was being overly dramatic.  It was just a bus door.
     But he'd made it.
     Then he noticed everyone staring at him as he slowly reached into his
pocket for the fare...
     ...and noticed he had no pockets.
     Or pants.
     Then Jack woke up in a cold sweat and looked at the clock.
     And he knew what the theme of High Concept Challenge #32 would be.

     "I'm LATE!"

                    *              *              *              *

     Yes, I rib Rob mercilessly with my choice of topics.  Lateness, in the
not on time sense rather than the "late Dentarthurdent" sense, is the theme.
Entries due by the end of the day on October 31, so feel free to work in a
halloween flavoring if you want.

     But don't be late.

     Dave Van Domelen, may be setting himself up for a zero-entries HCC now,
what with Murphy annat.

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