SW10: Powernaut 2011 #8: What the HELL is a Pentahedron?

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Sun Oct 7 18:14:37 PDT 2012

- snort -


Judging from Facebook reaction, the comic strip debut of Leo the Pirate 
Vampire King is easily the most popular Powernaut episode ever.  I won't 
predict popularity, but I think Powernaut comics will be entirely as 
enjoyable going forward.

Oh, and the "He's Got a Pentahedron!" panel of this series is now in a 
dictionary (or at least a corporate PowerPoint slide), alongside a 
definition of "Project Team". I'll admit, I put it there. But it fits. 8{D>

Bonus commentary, from Wyatt Ferguson...


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The Powernaut with a Pentahedron is kind of like Superman with a Green 
Lantern ring. So I know what you're all thinking...

- What's a Pentahedron really look like up close? It's actually a 
hyper-tetrahedron, a four-dimensional solid with triangular surfaces. 
(2005/pentahedron.htm) When you look it it, it looks like a pyramid with 
four shiny pyramid shadows that make your vision of everything else go 
blurry. If you blur your vision of the Pentahedron just right, it looks 
like a pentagram.

- What does a Pentahedron do? Yeah, I said it's a power object, but 
that's like Alexander Graham Bell calling my smartphone a telephone. 
I've heard of Pentahedrons used as power sources, computers, navigators, 
communicators, and dimension doors.

- How exactly did the Powernaut get one? I'd guess, sometime after the 
extra-dimensional city of Hypergaard helped him move Hurricane Katrina, 
they left one with him in case of dire emergency. (2005/powerpatrol1.htm)

- Why hasn't he used it before now, say to smash meteors better? Well, 
Hypergaard did probably say dire emergency. Besides, he just wouldn't be 
the Powernaut if he didn't try to do things himself. It's worth noting, 
he only brought his Pentahedron out to avoid having to wait for mages. 
Oh, he must have hated sitting through a Sunset Door ritual. 

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