LNH20: The Great Catastrophe #4

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                    =( ^ The Great Catastrophe ^ )=
                             =( ^ #4! ^ )=
       =( ^ By Andrew Perron, James Mason, and Scott Eiler! ^ )=
PREVIOUSLY, IN THE GREAT CATASTROPHE #3: Origin-confused feline legacy 
hero The Great Catastrophe has skipped over the last twenty years! Now, 
he has decided to join the Legion of Net.Heroes!

PREVIOUSLY, IN LNH20 COMICS PRESENTS #7: The Recovery Man caused a huge 
explosion in the LNHQ subbasements!

PREVIOUSLY, IN CLUELESS LAD TEAM-UP #2 AND #3: When a coal mine in the 
town of Dimm Hollow, West Virginia exploded, Dimm Bulbus went in to put 
out the fire - and found himself in the subbasements of the LNHQ! 
Making his way to the ground floor, he displayed strange powers, to 
reshape reality to what he could understand, before confronting January 
Frost and our title character!
                               =( ^.^ )=

"Vivan, what does your network database/mystic scrying/link to the
collective unconscious say about this guy?" said David Kemono, AKA the
Great Catastrophe.

"Not much," said the disembodied voice around the trenchcoat that gave
him his powers. "Nobody who looks like him comes up as a hero, a
villain, or anybody important in any way at all!"


Dimm Bulbus was looking at him skeptically. "I don't understand how
you're talking to that coat. Is there some sort'a radio in your

Nothing happened! "Nope, just a Vivian!" said David, completely unaware 
that anything maybe should've.

"Some new brand of cell phone, I guess."

"Sort of like that, only magic, or possibly science. Well, I guess a
cell phone is already science, but like MORE science--"

By this point, January Frost had kicked off her shoes and stood up.
"Have you forgotten that you're talking to the man responsible for the
mysterious explosion in the sub-basements!? The one who's been
shutting off all the defenses and advanced warning systems--"

"The what in the who?" said Dimm.

.oO(Hmmmm,) thought David. (I *could* ask the clearly confused person
about his true identity and goals here, maybe get into a dialogue
about possible ways to help and-- haha, no, just kidding. I'm gonna
attack him and never look back!)

Suiting action to thought, The Great Catastrophe leapt through the 

... and crashed into the gigantic pile of papers to be filled out.
Those-- those didn't go away or anything, you know.

David's head popped out of the pile, eyes spinning. "Oh, yeah,
those..." He shook his head, clearing out the twittering birdies.
"Well, that could have gone worse. At least I didn't get a paper cut
this-- ow! ...never mind."

"Hey!" said Dimm. "You were trying to tackle me! What was that for!?"

"It's the thing to do!" rebutted The Great Catastrophe, emerging from
the hill of wood pulp.

"What you think this is?  The Wild West?  West Virginia ain't quite 
*that* bad."

"Err, I love the Wild West, but what does West Virginia have to do
with *anything*?"

"You come here *and* you make fun of us?  We hate that!" Dimm Bulbus
had wrestled in high school. He grabbed his opponent, and the two
ended up rolling on the floor.  "Now *this* is how *we* tackle!"

January Frost weighed her options. The attacker was... well... let's
say contained for the moment, and there were other fires to be put
out. (More metaphorical ones than the one that had followed this guy
up, but still.)

"Great Catastrophe... good job, keep it up and all that. If you manage
to get him pinned down, the holding cells are down the hall." She
excused herself, closing the door behind her.

"Oh, okay-- wait, which hall? Ack!" David countergrappled desperately.
                               =( ^.^ )=
In her demense at the heart of time (variously referred to as Timewomb
or the Moiraicave), one being peered with three sets of eyes. Mother
Time examined the two figures.

"This one skips across our domain."

"A pretty trail, but quite the pain."

"He holds our heart in such disdain."

"And look at this one - like a god!"

"But doesn't know it - kind of odd."

"His understanding, deeply flawed."

Three sets of knuckles cracked.

"This shall not do."

"These two must go."

"And we're the ones to tell them so."

The three facets of Mother Time danced and swayed, mists curling
around their eldritch figures, gesturing obscenely around the pool of
condensed time.

"Trouble, trouble, rum and rubble
Beyond the dreams of Edwin Hubble
Stubble, stubble, great Black Nubble
Seal these two in a time bubble!"

And the flow of time split, and flowed right around the room...
 * The Great Catastrophe and Vivian created by James Mason!
 * Clueless Lad created by Scott Eiler!
 * January Frost created by Adrian J. McClure and Tom Russell!
 * Mother Time created by Rob Rogers!
Authors' Notes: Basically, James was having trouble with his chapter, 
so we all pitched in and helped out!

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