SW10: Powernaut 2011 #7: Yeah, Powernaut, Your Country Needs You!

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Mon Oct 1 17:55:17 PDT 2012

I think from the previous strip onward, each episode will have at least 
one guest star.  This one has six - including Leo the Pirate Vampire King!


Commentary from Wyatt, 'cause you can't tell the players without a program:


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We wanted the Powernaut to storm the Dreamtime, but he was going to 
smash a meteor. There was a lot of public outcry about the U.S. Gov not 
doing that themselves. Suffice it to say, Ellipses had it covered. We 
just couldn't quite depend on them, so we couldn't announce it.

Still, we had to start recruiting for The Boot. I'll spare you the 
dialog, but we considered:

*  Lucianus Autonomus. By then, we suspected evil mages were opposing 
either Ellipses or the Powernaut. So we needed good mages. Their leader 
Lucianus Autonomus was ready to help. It surely was good just to see him 
in the room, 'cause he's so experienced and reasonable. The V.P. surely 
should have made him his National Security Advisor instead of me, but 
Lucianus wasn't interested. (lucianus.htm)

*  Vara Hosea. She's Lucianus's deputy champion. I used to be her deputy 
champion... for Death. (death.htm) She's kind of sensitive, but she 
knows everyone. So she was good to have here too.

*  They wanted Stonewater as a conduit. She'd been in the Dreamtime for 
the last year, serving as a nature goddess. (2010/deathtrap.htm) But 
Crusher Joe had first call. She was in Cairo, Illinois. The U.S. Gov 
needed her to talk with the continent of North America. Really. 
(2009/journal.htm#northamerica) So they had to settle for...

*  Doctor Lithium. He was there in town; I'd escorted him there! He'd 
just come out of the Dreamtime - for much longer than Stonewater had 
been there! (2011/endgame2.txt) Vara Hosea didn't especially like him, 
but she'd worked with him for much of the 1990s in the Total Conversion 
battle squad. So she vouched for him. Crusher Joe was fine with him too, 
as long as he took his meds. But he wasn't up for field missions. So...

*  Leo the Pirate Vampire King. (2009/journal.htm#leo) The mages wanted 
to stay on Earth, because their enemies had specifically barred them 
(and me) from the Dreamtime. But someone still had to go into the 
Dreamtime to press The Boot. Leo had actually been there - and he was in 
town for a state visit, representing Tuvalu (the land of the Vampire 
Pirates). He volunteered, before I even had a chance to be considered. 
Thanks, Leo!

We'd basically all worked together at one time or another - even Vara 
Hosea and the Powernaut. (2011/discontent3.txt) For sure, they have 
different ways of approaching life. You can tell that just by the way 
they dress. Let's just say, the Powernaut's exceptional in that respect, 
just as in every other; he adds color to every room he walks into. Even 
Leo the Pirate Vampire King dresses like pirates, vampires, and kings, 
but the Powernaut just dresses as himself. As far as anyone including 
myself can tell, he has no secret identity. He's just the Powernaut.

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