[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #34: Cephalo Paul's Revenge, Part 1

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> On 11/28/2012 8:50 AM, Wil Alambre wrote:
>> "They're so vast, they shatter civilizations in passing. We're so
>> insignificant, we know them only through catastrophe. Our understanding
>> is so limited, we can't even properly *describe* them. We don't give
>> them names because names are for simple things; we give them *legends*!
>> The Small Army! The Unfixed Constellation! The Red Hand! The Great
>> Disaster!"
> ... The Summoning of Sidekicks!

Way back in issue #2, there was mention of an entire race of Super Wizards From Space, at least a million strong. In the near future, I want to start bringing a couple of them in, but I can't all have them remain as nameless as the titular character. Just giving myself some material to work with in future issues.

>> "Oh yes. Yes yes yes, you were! We heard. Very hard not to; you got
>> louder the more you drank. You said you knew where a Super Wizard From
>> Space is. Exactly where he is. And you just needed someone to take you
>> there. Well, good news, little mollusk. We will help. We will take you
>> there."
> I think you need a shell to be a mollusc.  (I researched that for an episode of Kristi the Animal Girl.)

The five-eyed, four-legged anthropomorphic birds can probably be forgiven for their taxonomical confusion :)

>> "Can you imagine, my brothers! Knowing where! And not inside a star or a
>> sun, but on a real planet that anyone can go to, that anyone can land
>> on. Where the faithful of the Sixth Column can be in the presence of
>> magnificent power. We can worship at his feet directly, where he might
>> notice us! Might acknowledge us! Might show us favour!
> I imagined the Super Wizard From Space moping in his room, until circumstances dragged him out.  But it *is* a *very bright* room; if he stays there too long, maybe he just merges into the sun never to be seen again.  His wizard race probably has a special term for that, but his crown(s) would probably not appreciate being left on their own. Speaking of which, if he only wears one, do the others channel their power through it, or do they stay behind and sulk?

Every time I think how he would wear multiple crowns so that he can access all of their power at once, I think of Team Fortress 2. 


Currently, the other crowns are tucked away, inactive in the vault area described in "House Of Blinding Light". Not too many better places to lock something in than the heart of a sun!

>> The suited man put the loop around his neck, letting the horns settle on
>> his chest. "This is my trophy necklace. When soldiers of my race defeat
>> our hated enemies in battle, we scalp them and take these as proof of
>> victory. If we collect enough, we can use them as a telepathic weapon.
>> I'm told it feels like a bomb going off inside your brain. Very nasty."
>> Paul got up on his tentacles, a little wobbly but full of renewed sense
>> of purpose. His beady eyes were alight, staring at the necklace. "Is
>> that the weapon you promised? You reckon it'll work on him?"
> Well, *I'll* admit the possibility.  The Super-Wizard From Space is probably low on morale right now, though it'll be interesting to see how his crown(s) react to having their bearers under mind control.

Well, all good old-fashioned superheroes should have at least *one* krypnonite, right? :)

>> "Then yes, it'll work. You lead us to Super Wizard From Space and we
>> will have our vengeance... you for your murdered brother, me for the
>> genocide of my race," declared the space-sasquatch.
> da-da-doom!

I admit to introducing this character just so I could coin the term "sasquonaut".

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