MISC: Legend of the Dark Wizard #2: "Welcome"

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                               Chapter 2:

"I really am sorry about this," Jinx apologized for the sixth time 
since they got into Melissa's car.

"Stop apologizing," Melissa said. "It's getting annoying. You're 
getting a room at my place, so you might as well like it! Besides, it's 
only temporary."

"It's still an intrusion--" Jinx started to say.

"Then you can blame it on the commissioner," Melissa interrupted. 
"We're here."

"Oh, already?"

Melissa ignored his comment and opened the door. "Hey, Jennifer! We got 
a guest! For a while actually!"

A woman wearing pajamas stumbled into the living room. "Bluh, sorry, I 
was sleepin'. Now what's this--" Then she saw Jinx.

"Sorry, I should have told you," Melissa said. "This is my wife 

"Nice to meet you. I'm Jinx, and I'm a wizard."

"Are- are you a-a-a!" Jennifer stuttered.

"A what?" Jinx asked.

"A CAT! A BIG OLD KITTY!" Jennifer shouted excitedly as she hugged him.

"Should have warned you. She likes cats." Melissa said.

"Really? You don't seem to--" At the moment Jinx said that, a Siamese 
bounced out from behind Jennifer, freaking out and running around 

"Waffles, calm down!" Jennifer yelled.

Waffles ran up to Jinx. He stared at him, wide-eyed, with Jinx staring 
back. Waffles sniffed him, meowed, and walked away.

"He's usually friendlier," Melissa noted. "I guess, being a cat 
yourself... actually, how did you become a cat?"

"Oh, it's a curse. Well, it's meant to be a curse. I like it," declared 
Jinx proudly. "Best thing those jerks ever did for me."

"What is wizard society like?" Melissa asked.

"Well, it's a good place to learn about magic, but a bad place for 
pretty much anything else."

"How bad is it really?" Jennifer asked.

Jinx sighed. "It's a long story."

"We've got time," Melissa said, sitting down and giving Jinx a big grin.

Jinx looked away with his hand on his mouth, then he turned back to the 
others. "I guess... Well, you gotta... Weeeeell..." Jinx sighed again, 
hand on forehead.

"...y'know, it's getting late," said Melissa. "You can tell us in the 
morning. Oh, right, I haven't shown you your room yet."

"Uh, it's really not a problem," Jinx said. "I can sleep on the couch."

"No! I insist that you sleep in your room!" Melissa demanded. "If you 
sleep in my house, then you sleep where I want you to!"

"But--" Which was all Jinx could say while being scooted by Melissa.

"No buts! Bed now!" Which was all Melissa was going to say while 
scooting Jinx to bed.

Jennifer didn't say anything, she was trying not to laugh at the 
absurdity in front of her.


Hey so I decided to do some things in the chapter and I hope you liked 
them. Please tell me what you did and didn't like about this chapter. 
See if I can improve on the later chapters.

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