MISC/HCC: Fragment of a letter attributed to Tostig, Saint of Heretics (c. 948-1000)

Tom Russell joltcity at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 15:40:48 PST 2012

world would end with the year, held by the few and unlearned. But on the third day [illegible] appeared seven discs of light that floated to the earth. From each disc there came seven terrible angels, slender and pale and many-eyed, bearing [illegible] from each seven beams of light and of flame. It touched wood and stone, and all was like ashes. It touched flesh, and all was like ashes. Half of those that lived returned with the angels to the Heavens, and it seemed that they chose the just and the unjust to be taken, and to be left, in equal measure. A deep sadness and confusion set upon those who remained. I will go to Rome to tell Sylvester of what I had seen. 

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