ASH/HCC: Coherent Super Stories #30 - "Alley Abroad"

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On Thu, 15 Nov 2012 22:36:14 +0000 (UTC), Dave Van Domelen wrote:

>      "Hullo the pub!" Alistair proclaimed, 


>      But Europe is still rather depressingly ravaged by all that fighting,
> and rather a lot of the interesting places were burned down.  What use is
> traveling about to soak up the beneficial effects of history when there's no
> history there anymore, because some bally Jerry has blown it up?

    good. >:/

>      "Say, the service here is terrible...when will the steward come to fetch
> our drinks order?  Oh, and listen to me chatter've yet to even
> introduce yourself, let alone get in a word edgewise."
>      The other man sighed heavily.  "The name's Abe Landon.  And I'm afraid I
> have bad news for you."
>      "We have to order at the bar?"
>      "No.  Well, yes, but that's not what I mean...."
>                *              *              *              *
>      A short, round, balding man slumped into the empty bar stool next to a
> man in a white stetson hat.  "Small beer, please," he sighed, his accent
> marking him as a Brit.
>      "You look like you've had a rough day," the man in the hat said, sparing
> a glance at the booth in back.  
>      "It has been a rough life," the man sighed.  "I've followed my employer
> halfway across the globe, enduring an attack at sea by a German U-boat gone
> pirate and a robbery of the train we were taking across the desert.  Sheer
> luck saved our skins, and I don't think the young master even realized we
> were at hazard.  And then he manages to get struck dead by an automobile not
> an hour after we return to what I thought was the safety of civilization.
> Oh, how rude of me.  My name is Albert Jamison, valet to the dearly departed
> Alistair Dorchester.  Once I've fortified myself here, it's my sad task to
> arrange for his remains to be transported back to the family estate...."

Heeheeheehee <3 <3 <3 That's great.

>      The White Hat is ASH's recurring western hero, first seen in Coherent
> Super Stories #12, and also featured in #13 and #25.  Abe Landon is his
> deceased uncle, who haunts him and demands vengeance against the men who
> killed him.  So, the fact that the ghostly Abe is the only one who can see
> Alley is indeed far worse news than the lack of table service.

Indeed. `-`;

>      I don't have any plans to write the other adventures of Alley and
> Jamison, either pre-mortem or post-mortem (and there were probably some
> Topper-esque tales written about Alley's ghost), but you never know what the
> future (and the High Concept Challenge) will bring.

Yay! <3

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, Charge of the Ghost Brigade!

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