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Wed Nov 7 15:37:06 PST 2012

[HCC] HCC33: The Nam Rogers Multiple Choice High Concept Challenge
[mischeivous gleam in eyes]
In LNHv2 #52 there was the throwaway line "What does he write? 
Science fiction? Romance? Neo-Edwardian comedies of manners?"
People were intrigued by this, and in the discussion thread I 
recounted how during RACC-Con Rob Rogers asked what story 
genres hadn't been used in the LNH, and how I suggested 
apocalyptic Christian raptures [technically true for the LNH, 
although Scott has noted that he's written such a genre 
outside of the LNH], and Rob's wife Nam had suggested Edwardian 
comedies of manners. 
At least two people have insisted that I must write in the 
style of these genres. Fine. 
For High Concept Challenge #33 - the Nam Rogers Multiple Choice 
High Concept Challenge - you may write either:
* A (neo) Edwardian comedies of manners
* an apocalyptic Christian rapture
* a combination of both.
For my part, this smells like the 'When the Earth becomes 
infested with hardwired aliens, one Earthling and his/her 
chocolate respond by swimming' mashup that we had for HCC6, 
so I think I'll be combining both, just because. I may even 
do a science fiction romance neo-Edwardian comedy of manners 
involving the apocalypse. Or maybe that'll just be biting 
off more than I can chew. I've done that many times before 
as well.
Saxon Brenton
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