HCC: HCC #32 Voting Open

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at eyrie.org
Tue Nov 6 22:04:34 PST 2012

In article <k6u9sl$5nq$1 at usenet.stanford.edu>,
Dave Van Domelen <dvandom at eyrie.org> wrote:
>     Well, Adrian got something in just under the wire, and I waited an extra
>half day just in case, but it looks like we've just got the two entries.  Go
>to http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/86Z3C3Z to vote, polls will be open until
>the end of November 6, 2012, so I can announce the winner and distract people
>from the other election that day.
>     Dave Van Domelen, off to get clearanced candy.

     Voting is closed, and while Ohio is still close, we can confidently
project that Saxon Brenton is the winner of High Concept Challenge #32.
Donald Trump insists Saxon isn't even an American, but while he may be right,
he's Donald Trump and no one takes him seriously.

     So let's have the challenge #33, Saxon!

     Dave Van Domelen, roughing up the electors in the alley

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