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Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 5 09:07:34 PST 2012

On Sun 4 Nov 2012 Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> Well, okay, Saxon... I won't force you to cash that check... 
> so feel free to tear it up. I won't feel any guilt for having 
> extra money in my checking account. :)
> But you should tell me that you absolutely have no plans to 
> ever cash that check so I can fix my checking book.
> Arthur "Fourth Wallowing..." Spitzer
Well, that's easy enough.  Yeah, I have no intention of ever 
banking it.
But this is RACC, and that sort of assurance isn't good enough.
<ahem. [taps micophone]  Is this thing on?  Right.  
Testing testing.  'I solemly swear that I am up to no 
good.'  How was that?  Okay?  Great.>
[declaims in a stentorian voice: ]
I swear upon my hard earned reputation as a loony that 
the cheque will not live to see another dawn.  It will 
neither cause problems for Arthur's bank balance nor 
start any imprint wide RACC crossovers... ever again. 
It will die.  It will die horribly, begging for mercy, 
and receive none.  It will be rent asunder, bent, 
folded, spindled and mutilated, and then poked with 
soft cusions.  In the best tradition of the TV Tropes 
Wiki it will be deconstructed to an inch past its life, 
and then its flensed corpse strung up for all to see.  
Its life-ink will spill from its body to the ground, 
where it will pool... moist and black and wet and inky.
[Hmm.  I wonder if it might be the Arthur's-Check-Revenge-
Squad, travelling back in time, who built No!-It-Can't-Be-
Saxon-Brenton!-He's-Dead! Lad.  Maybe I'd better start 
making a list so that all these options can be properly 
Saxon Brenton
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