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Author's Note:  I forgot all about this story until I did a Google 
search on "leo the pirate vampire king"!  The whole thing is at 
http://www.eilertech.com/stories/2009/vojvodina.htm .  Here's the 
relevant part.



July 25, 2009

A Vampire Queen Gives Birth!


Sidebar:  Vampires "reproduce" by "adopting" humans. Vampire lore 
doesn't mention sexual reproduction.


The vampire Khrisa Stalker was in a hotel room on Key West to meet a 
journalist. But she nearly met the True Death instead.


The entire vampire race was celebrating. For the first time ever, a 
vampire would give birth! The Vampire Rose was pregnant by Leo the 
Pirate Vampire King of the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu. (See Related 

The vampire queen's superhuman consort had superhuman healing powers. So 
did his sperm. So he'd given her the human power of reproduction! Her 
birth date was near. All vampires everywhere would go there in person to 
see it if they could. Khrisa would escort a human witness to the ceremony.

Khrisa had a gift for her queen: monomolecular floss. This thin and 
deadly string would be used to defend both vampires and humans on 
Tuvalu. She had it safely coiled in a corner of her room.

Khrisa opened the door for her journalist. He lunged at her with a 
wooden stake. He meant to kill her!

Khrisa's enhanced senses told her, this was no journalist. He was a 
superhuman mercenary! He was silent as he attacked. The vampire knew the 
superhuman meant to destroy her - and probably her queen and her whole 
race. And he was fast enough to tag her with the spike. Khrisa knew, 
that was probably the end.


Khrisa Stalker came to consciousness in the same hotel room. The 
mercenary wasn't there, but a giant koala was! And the walls were 
covered with red gore.

As a vampire, Khrisa knew about the Doom Creatures. There was one for 
every continent. The Doom Creature for Australia was a giant koala, 
known for speed! This left Khrisa with questions. But the Koala spoke 
first, in English. He was Australian, after all... "That's the Hard 
Falcon on the walls. I borrowed your floss to handle him."

Sniff, sniff, and to Khrisa's surprise... "He smells like he's still 

"Yah. Got way too much healing factor, so he'll get better. But you'll 
be gone by then."

"I still have to wait for someone..."

"I saw some reporter running away. He should come back after I stop 
scaring him off."

"No, I was waiting for a U.S. envoy... But why are you here? This isn't 
doom, and this isn't Australia!"

"You're going near Australia now, yah? I watch for doom, and you're the 
best place to look."


So Khrisa's mission was still on. The vampires would have their human 
witness for the ceremony. And through that witness, the world would know 
that vampires loved their children too.


Author's Note:  Superhuman fathers are a rarity.  But I'm confident that 
Leo would sign up for a mission to Magic Land with the Powernaut in 
2011, even with a two-year-old child at home.  He'd just make sure it's 
not a suicide mission.  And I usually can't say "suicide mission" and 
"Powernaut" in the same sentence.  8{D>

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- from Archie #617, March 2011, scripted by Alex Simmons.

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