LNH/HCC: Legion of Net.Heroes Vol.2 #52 HCC32

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 2 11:00:22 PDT 2012

Andrew Perron replied:
> Saxon, you should totally write a neo-Edwardian comedy of manners.
True story: During RACC-Con we spent one afternoon at the Museum 
of Cartoon Art in San Francisco (where we all did pictures of 
Spider-Man to get in at half price).  On the way home on the 
ferry we had a general discussion about the LNH and RACC, and 
Rob (IIRC) asked the question: 'What genres haven't been used 
in a LNH story?'.  I needed only about two seconds before 
answering 'apocalyptic Christian rapture'.  Rob's wife Nam was 
right behind me in suggesting 'Edwardian comedies of manners.'
So now you know where the neo-Edwardian comedy of manners comes 
>> At which point Anal-Retentive Archive Kid burst into angry 
>> tears.
> Don't worry, they're not anime waterfall tears.
... I've had a suspicion that ARAK could if he wanted to, but 
he refrains from doing anime eyes in any form because it 
seriously freaks people out...   OTOH, being able to pull that 
particular trick argues against him being unware of being 
fiction until now.

>> own momentum and using it against him - grabbing YNHMHELad and throwing 
>> him out through the ceiling of the LNH-HQ, such that he would land about 
>> two miles away.
> That's a lot of momentum. o.o 
Superhumanly strong and durable robot.  That's another part of 
why Fairy Princess Lad's antics were so amazing.
And just in case anybody missed it, this was me once again taking 
a character that I'm presuming was a one-shot throwaway character 
(tell me if I'm wrong about Fairy Princess Lad in that regard) 
and giving them some development.  I just can't help myself!!!
Saxon Brenton


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