[MISC] GODLING # 26: Trust Issues

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MISC] GODLING # 26:  Trust Issues
by J. Vandersteen


The Coffee Pit, New Troy's favorite coffee place.
Janson, in uniform, and Quentin Alexander are sitting at a table,
drinking coffee.
"Nice you were able to keep me company during my break," Janson tells
"It's two hours before my next class starts, so I have some time to
spare. How are you doing after that incident with the Coalition of
"It's odd, but I feel better than I thought I would. I think I was
less scared this time because I was so sure Godling would appear to
save me. And he did."
"He always does, doesn't he? He must be a very attractive man to you,
being a hero and all."
Janson shrugs. "Not really. Too macho for me." She smiles. "I like the
sensitive types."
Quentin blushes a little. "Good to hear."
"He weirded me out, though. He got really worked up about those thugs
kidnapping me. Like he was personally involved with me, you know? I
mean, sure I've been running into him for some time now but that was
purely business."
"Maybe he just takes his job very personally. It's not like he's
flipping burgers, you know? Being a superhero doesn't sound like a
nine to five job."
"Could be. Still, it seems there's some kind of connection between us
I don't know about."
Quentin thinks, "I feel bad about keeping her in the dark like that.
But I'm not ready to tell her I'm Godling yet. I don't want her to
freak out."


Tokyo, Japan.
Sgt. Wade Hudson steps through an automatic door and ends up in a
large room filled with robots, monitors and high-tech stuff.
"Sgt. Hudson! Welcome to my workplace," says a tall, Japanese man with
a white beard, dressed in a red jumpsuit. "I am professor Tsuraya as
you might have guessed."
Hudson shakes his hand. "Nice to meet you."
"Soooooooooooo... You're looking for some high-tech weaponry to give
you an extra edge over there in the USA?"
"That's right. We've had an explosion of supercrooks in New Troy.
Regular firepower just doesn't cut it anymore."
"Yes, I've heard about that. But you have your very own superhero,
don't you? That Godling?"
"We do, but he can't be around all the time. Besides, we're the cops.
We should be able to protect our people without that showboat."
Tsuraya smiled. "Sounds like you do not appreciate his efforts much?"
"He has his uses, but I do think he steals our thunder a bit too much.
He's the big hero while us regular cops are looked down on. We don't
have his fancy powers but still we put our lives on the line on a
daily basis.
We're the real heroes."
Tsuraya holds up his hands. "No argument from me, sergeant. Are you
aware of Tokyo's own superhero? Ninjoid?"
"I am. That's how I ended up here. I heard you're his creator?"
"That's right. Come on, Ninjoid. Introduce yourself to the policeman."
Out of the shadows a black robot appears. He looks like a gleaming,
metallic ninja. Red, glowing eyes look Hudson in the eye. The robot
produces a katana that seems to be made of laserlight.
"A lightsaber? What is this. Star Wars?" Hudson says.
"It did inspire me," Tsuraya says. "I'm afraid Ninjoid's weaponry is
exclusively licensed for his use. I do think however, I could set you
up with some armor that should cover your needs."
"I'm afraid our budget isn't very high," Hudson says.
"No matter. I will give you the armor for free. I am a scientist to
help people, not to make money."
Hudon shakes Tsuraya's hand. "I really appreciate that, professor."
"Oh dear, intruders!" Tsuraya says.
Ninjoid assumes a fighting stance.
SMASH! A hole in the wall appears. Through the hole a Godzilla-like
creature the size of a regular human being enters. "Destroy Ninjoid!
Godzillion destroy Ninjoid!" it growls.
It runs towards Ninjoid. The monster's footsteps cause tremors, Hudson
has to steady himself against a wall.
Ninjoid throws shuriken (throwing stars) made of light at Godzillian.
The creature groans but doesn't stop. He reaches Ninjoid and tries to
punch him. Ninjoid ducks, the punch misses and smashes a computer.
Ninjoid starts to kick and punch Godzillian.
"Wish I had my gun so I could help out," Hudson says.
Tsuraya throws him a futuristic looking pistol. "Here's one."
Hudson looks at the gun, appreciating it for a moment then starts to
fire it at Godzillian. At the same time a shot from the blaster hits
Godzillian Ninjoid strikes at it with his laserkatana.
Godzillian falls flat on its back.
"That was just too much for Godzillian to handle," Tsuraya says. "Good
work, sergeant. I can see you will make good use of the weaponry I
will provide you with."
"What was that thing, anyway?" Hudson asks.
"Godzillian is one of the creations of Doctor Satori, our own version
of your Master Destiny you might say. He regularly tries to kill me
and destroy Ninjoid so he can take over Tokyo without us around to
stop him. I don't know how he creates these monsters, though."
"I'm sure you will end up defeating him," Hudson offered.
"I hope so," Tsuraya says. "Now lets get Godzillion in our lockup and
then see what kind of weaponry I can provide you with."

New Troy, Monica Sawyer's office at the University.
Monica sits behind her desk, staring at her laptop. "I should be
preparing for class, but I just can't help wondering how Wade is
doing. He booked that flight to Japan just out of nowhere. He didn't
want to tell me anything about it... I shouldn't think stuff like that
but is he cheating on me or something?
No, I can't believe that. He's a good man. He probably has a good
reason to keep quiet about that trip."
Quentin walks in. "Hi, Monica. Just wanted to say a quick hello before
I head off to class."
"Oh... Hi, Quentin. Good to see you. You look happy? Things working
out well with Janson?"
"Yeah, pretty well."
"That's great, you deserve the best," Monica says and gives him a kiss
on the cheek.
Quentin blushes. He thinks, "I love Janson, I know I do... But why is
it then that seeing Monica, smelling her sweet perfume still makes me
crazy? Do I really love Janson or is she just some poor substitute
because I can't have Monica? Janson is such a great girl... Maybe she
deserves someone who loves her 100%... Not me..."
"Penny for your thoughts," Monica says.
"Huh? Oh, no. It's nothing, really. But how are you? How long will
Wade be gone?"
"He told me he'll be back from Japan tomorrow."
"And still no word about what he's doing over there?"
Monica looks down at her feet. "Nothing. I just don't understand. He
should know he can trust me with anything. I mean, you're not my lover
but you know you can trust me with anything, right?"
"Err... Sure," Godling says, but thinks "Not exactly it seems, I never
shared the fact I'm Godling with you."
"Well, I have to run off to class," Monica says.
"Same here," Quentin says and they leave the office.
When they're gone a form that was invisible becomes visible slowly.
It's the mysterious Eye-patch Godling. "This is not going according to
plan. The love I used to feel for Monica is stronger than I thought. I
will have to come up with a new plan."
He looks outside the window. He sees it's snowing. "Right... King
Winter... That's going to be a challenge for my younger self..."


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