[MV] The Super Wizard From Space #31: To Hell And Hell And Hell And Hell And Hell And Back Again, Part 7

Scott Eiler seiler at eilertech.com
Thu May 3 16:24:55 PDT 2012

On 05/03/2012 08:03 AM, Wil Alambre wrote:

> "I tried to warn you," the wizard said, pointing to the jade fire
> stitching the coal and ash back into form. "I know what that is. I've
> seen it before. It's space-greed."
> The Devil looked at the wizard incredulously. "That's not possible."
> "I've seen it before. Not like this, not the visible *idea* of it, but
> I've seen it before. I had to annihilate an entire planet because of
> it." { The Super Wizard From Space #1 }

Ah, excellent, back to the root of the space-challenge.

> The Devil turned around and spit out, "Bugger off! Can't you see we're
> trying to have a row, here?" He raised one leg and slammed a kick right
> in the center of the monster's chest, a ring of infernal power
> detonating when his well-polished spats connected. A stench of brimstone
> and sulfur, the force of a wrecking ball, and the hapless thing was sent
> flying back into the crevasse.

Wow, can't anything from the deeper Hells stand up to this crew?  Next, 
Ron the Taxi Driver will run over the Penta-Devil...  Hey, actually, if 
that's an enchanted real Earth car, Ron's driving the most substantial 
thing in five Hells right now!  8{D>

> "Did you forget the Rules?" the wizard shouted, wanting to be heard
> overtop the crackling of energy and breaking of coal. "Or did you think
> you were above them? I'm in the middle of a Challenge, you're only here
> as a Witness... you *cannot* touch me!"

Ah, excellent, back to the space-challenge itself.  I'll have to go back 
to check who else is in the challenge, though...

> This issue probably needs another read-over and another solid round of
> editing, but fuck it, I'm posting it anyway. This arc is charging to its
> conclusion, I was satisfied that this scene didn't drag out to two
> posts. I want to work on keeping momentum on these adventure stories,
> especially when heading toward the end.

Yeah, good call.  Have you ever considered posting updates on your web page?

> Should I have named it "Quadra-Hell" instead? It sounds a little better,
> flowing into "Quinto-Hell". I decided against it because I had already
> used the "quatra-" and "chatur-" prefixes in wordplay with the
> minotaur's name. That, and i had already referenced it as "Tetra-Hell"
> in the previous issue. And twitter posts. And everywhere.

I think Tetra-Hell is just fine.

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