[META] Sports in RACC

Rick Hindle rickhindle at gmail.com
Thu May 3 16:24:15 PDT 2012

An avid sports fan, I've fallen into enjoying text-based sports simulators.  These include (but by far not limited to) Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP), and Pro Football Simulator (PFS).  It's gotten me thinking about something: has anyone else mentioned a sports team in their RACC writing, whether as a plot device, a minor biographical bit, or even as a throw away?

I was thinking about building a football league in PFS with all of the teams representing various RACC universes.  For example, the Pinnacle City Warriors have been mentioned a few times in my work (Thunderclap even had a try out with them after college).  I've also mentioned in some sketches I've gone through of the Chicago Bombers and the Metro City Comets (neither have seen the light of day, really).

So, does anyone else have sports teams in their universe.  If there's enough (I think I need eight minimum), I'll put together a league and I'll post the results as I go.

Rick Hindle (who will someday post something new)

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