META: Three Metaphors for Superhero Teams

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Wed May 2 23:24:52 PDT 2012

On Wed, 2 May 2012 21:23:23 +0000 (UTC), EDMLite wrote:

> I think the LNH falls into its own category:
> team as multinational corporation.
> (Or, if you prefer, team as very large
> non-profit organization).
> All of the members of the LNH subscribe
> to its acting principles, and participate in
> its brand.  But (with the possible exceptions
> of Master Roster Man and perhaps Anal-
> Retentive Archive Kid), they don't all know
> one another, any more than all of the
> co-workers at a large company do.

Hmmmmm.  This makes sense too - and I'd definitely put them more in the
"non-profit" category - but they don't really act like a *company* with a

> And there are definite hierarchies within
> the company -- senior staff, who make
> decisions; average workers, who carry
> out assignments; and low-level
> functionaries, who man the reception
> desk and process paperwork...

Most superhero teams are pretty flat on this, even the big ones.  The LNH
has more structure than most, and LNH20 has more still.

> It's a framework that allows for a lot of
> interaction, even if it doesn't generate the
> natural conflicts that a family or
> friend dynamic might...

It's true, and importantly, allows for a lot of free mingling between
different subgroups.

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