LNH/HCC: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #48 [HCC29]

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And then, suddenly, the HCC29 entries made like a convoy of buses, and 
all turned up at once.
Adrian J McClure replied:
>>      It was later in the same day that Anal-Retentive Archive Kid had
>> gone and picked a fight scene with the Apathy Beast and chased it off
>> [_End of Month Reviews_ #98 - Footnote Girl].  After that things had
>> gotten a bit hazy, and there had been reports of a duck packing heat...
> Wait, that was actually in continuity? Wasn't expecting that.
I confess, the original version of that reference was that it may have 
been in continuity for the Superhuman World imprint, but whether it was 
in continuity for the LNH was still undecided.  But then I realised: 
there have been LNH stories that have been explicitly in continuity with 
the RACCies, even if there haven't been any that are in coninuity with 
the RACCCafe.  So I (metaphorically) threw up my hands and said 'Okay, 
from the Legion's point of view, the duck with the gun happened...'
>>      Retcon Lad dragged an orc into the medical bay.  He stopped at the
>> bed where ARAK was recovering after the battle, pointed at the orc, and
>> demanded, "What?"
> ...wait, there are orcs in the Looniverse? Was this ever mentioned
> before?
Not that I'm aware of.  But I assume that there's almost anything in the 
Looniverse unless someone says otherwise, because, well, the Looniverse is 
that type of place.  And it's more a question of *where* the orcs are: are 
they living on some lost jungle plateu or in a pocket dimension that's 
accessed through tunnels so that it looks like they're living underground? 
Or have they made contact with society and living in their own inner city 
neighbourhoods?  I haven't properly worked out ARAK II's background - all 
I know is that he's doing a masters at one of the universities in 
Net.ropolis - but the bit about him having grown up in an orcan society 
implies that he's a 'country boy' who's come to the city.  
My concept of human/non-human/superhuman sciety in Net.ropolis is equal 
parts Grant Morrison comics and Terry Pratchett's Ankh-Morpork.
Saxon Brenton
"These 'no-nonsense' solutions of yours just don't hold water in a complex 
world of jet-powered apes and time-travel." - Superman, JLA Classified #3
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