LNH/HCC: Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #48 [HCC29]

Adrian J. McClure mrfantastic7 at gmail.com
Wed May 2 09:25:45 PDT 2012

On May 2, 5:46 am, Saxon Brenton <saxonbren... at hotmail.com> wrote:
> | |    "Also, the Surgeon General warns that this story contains
> |_| dangerously high levels of gratuitous continuity references."

The best kind!

>      It was later in the same day that Anal-Retentive Archive Kid had
> gone and picked a fight scene with the Apathy Beast and chased it off
> [_End of Month Reviews_ #98 - Footnote Girl].  After that things had
> gotten a bit hazy, and there had been reports of a duck packing heat...

Wait, that was actually in continuity? Wasn't expecting that.

>      Retcon Lad dragged an orc into the medical bay.  He stopped at the
> bed where ARAK was recovering after the battle, pointed at the orc, and
> demanded, "What?"

...wait, there are orcs in the Looniverse? Was this ever mentioned

>      So, _Blackadder_, season five.  You all know that in the Looniverse
> they have all sorts of neat pop culture stuff that we can only dream of
> here in Real Life, right?

I liked it OK, but my favorite season was the one where he was a
secret agent in the 1960s. The Prisoner episode that ended the series
was especially inspired.

>      By contrast ARAK II comes from an even more violent orc culture, but
> he's lost interest in violence as a social tool.  At least at the moment
> he's far more enamoured of outthinking his opponents.  This is because
> he's a fan of _Doctor Who_, and is an advocate of the interpretation that
> the series is rare among action-adventure programmes in that it has a
> protagonist who should belong to the Hero archetype, but instead belongs
> to the Trickster archetype.

This is an amazing concept. I hope ARAK II sticks around once this
story is over. This is definitely going to be the one to beat for this
challenge. (Also my entry is going to be pretty terrible.)

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