LNH20: Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #7: "First Republic"

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Bite-Size Tales of the LNH v20 #7:
"First Republic"
By Andrew Perron


A dark room with a bright screen, lit up but blank.

"Let me explain to you the history of Earth-Chi."

With a *click*, an image is projected of Europe, with red and green 
arrows crawling over it.

"World War II.  Hitler is assassinated before he can break Nazi 
Germany's pact with Communist Russia.  A combined Nazi-Soviet-Fascist 
force steamrolls, slowly but surely, through all defending forces.  
Britain falls, and once the Axis has spread across Europe, they make 
the leap across the Atlantic."

A *click* showing bombers over New York City.

"The United States has not been idle.  They have prepared for this 
moment with all their might.  Their arms and men are ready."

"And they fail."

A *click* and the bombers are over Washington DC.

"They are not expecting the tactics and technology the Axis brings to 
bear.  They are faster than expected, and manage to sweep past the bulk 
of American defense.  The defenders rally, but are routed repeatedly."

A *click* shows men burning papers on the Capitol steps.

"By the time the Axis war machine approaches DC, the government is 
panicking.  Roosevelt tries to keep order, but congressmen and senators 
flee in droves.  He leaves for parts unknown."

*Click.* A man in a suit hands a rolled-up sheet of paper to a 
decorated general.

"A collaborationist government is setup and delivers an official 
declaration of armistice, and message are broadcast, telling the people 
to stand down."

*Click.* Soldiers, faces smeared with mud, standing in a forest around 
a tank, in which Roosevelt defiantly stands.

"Some do... and many do not.  The Free States of America comes 
together, declaring themselves the true government, and the American 
Resistance begins."

*Click.* A pitched battle between two armies, planes dogfighting 

"For five long years, they battle, and though it is hard, endlessly 
hard, they never stop."

*Click.* The map of Europe again, with bright blue lines over the red 
and green ones.

"In Europe, the Axis cannot hold what they have taken; in victory, they 
turn on each other.  From without and from within, they are broken 
apart, as nations rise up.  Forces are called back to the mainland, and 
as World War II ends years late, America is free once more."

*Click.* Cheering and celebration in the streets of a war-torn 

"Now, there will be a short quiz.  Just the one question."

The lights come up, showing Doc Nostalgia operating the projector.  He 
turns to face Configuration Man, sitting at a desk, fidgeting and 
looking nervous.

"Would you say," said Doc Nostalgia, pacing back and forth, seemingly 
relaxed, "that what happened is something you could reasonably call 
'the US surrendering'?"

"Well, uh, I mean, technically the government did--" Configuration Man 
squirmed as Doc Nostalgia looked at him. "Um, no."

Doc Nostalgia nodded, turning away from Configuration Man. "And would 
you say this speaks to anything about the national character, and their 
tendency towards surrender?"


Doc Nostalgia spun around, eyes blazing, and smacked his hands down 
hard on the desk. "Then WHY, for the LOVE of EVERYTHING you hold dear, 
do you assume that JUST THAT ASSOCIATION holds true for FRANCE!?"

Fearless Leader raised an eyebrow as Doc Nostalgia ranted and raved at 
the quailing Configuration Man. "Not the kind of reaction I expected 
from him."

January Frost shrugged. "He fought alongside the French Resistance in 
Operation Dragoon.  Quite the eye-opening experience, it seems."

FL nodded, and they walked off to check on the Peril Room.

"...and another thing!"


Author's Note: Yeah, this is basically just me putting a personal rant 
into story form.  But I hope it was at least interesting.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, written in less than three hours.

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