LNH: LNH 20th Anniversary Special, Part #2

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Tue May 1 16:00:52 PDT 2012

On Sun, 29 Apr 2012 19:07:11 +0000 (UTC), Adrian J. McClure wrote:

>> It took me a bit, though,
>> to get into comics - moving into a neighborhood where the local
>> mini-mart had a spinner rack was a godsend - and a bit longer to put the
>> two together.
> I miss spinner racks. Of course, nowadays most (non-Archie) single
> issues aren't really meant to be read as an unified whole experience,
> and that's probably part of what's hurting comics too, but this is
> well-trodden ground by now.

Well, to be fair, that was true for many comics back then!

>> Yeah, not quite.  A problem cropped up that would beguile and bedevil me
>> from there on out: a notable difficulty in carrying projects beyond the
>> initial surge of enthusiasm.
> And I've wrestled with this exact same problem throughout my writing
> career. I've created so many different universes over the years that I
> dropped when I got stuck that it's not even funny.

Indeeeeeeeeeeed.  I really need to bring some of those back.

>>Surfing the Internet, I found myself on a rather
>> peculiar corner of the World Wide Web: Unca Cheeks' Silver Age Comics
>> Site. (http://www.reocities.com/cheeksilver/)
> Oh hey, I remember that site!

Woo! <3

> For me it was JMS's Spider-Man comics
> that got me into superheroes again after I'd burned out for a bit.
> When I drifted away from comics, I got into SF TV. I didn't watch B5
> for a long time but my parents spoke very highly of it so I was
> curious, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Ah, yes.  I saw random reruns on TNT, but never got to grips with the story
arcs as a whole.

> I didn't get hugely into Silver
> Age DC until later in the decade, when DC put out its Showcase
> Presents collections and blogs like the Absorbascon popped up. Then I
> got to appreciate Silver Age Superman's bizarre and distinctive
> storytelling style and now they're some of my favorite comics ever.

Mmmmmm. <3 Tho, when it comes to Silver Age DC, Green Lantern and the Flash
are my main jams.

> I've seldom successfully written in that style myself though--it's
> harder than it looks.

I know, right?  I should do it more. (Looniverse Chronicles #1 is my one
big example.)

>> The Curse of the Skipped
>> Issue took hold, and I faded out once more.
> I was this close to succumbing to the same curse myself. When I was
> stuck with how to end UM, I wanted to jump ahead to a point when the
> storyline was over, when Ultimate Mercenary and company had been
> kicked out of the LNH and had set up as detectives in Crime Pulp City.

I'm glad you didn't - the current storyline has been hella weird fun.

> Of course, later I did sort of skip issues when I started UM v20 when
> I wasn't quite done with the original series yet, but somehow making
> it a new series made it easier to go back and finish it than jumping
> ahead in issue numbers.

Oh yes.  Less... juggling.  Not to mention that the "skipped"-ness is part
of the story, at this point.

> I still find providing feedback to peoples'
> stories a little difficult, to be honest--probably because I do so
> much of that kind of thing for my work--but I'm making an effort to do
> it more.

That's probably why you're so good at it!

>> And with my newfound ability to just
>> keep working on something, even if my attention got pulled away for a
>> while, and damn the guilt, I plunged in - and the rest, good readers, is
>> history.
> And we're all very much better for it!

Awwwwww! Thankee much!

> AJM (still working on the loving, stable relationship part myself,
> but...)

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, one of the more difficult parts, to be

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