LNH20: A Drop of Blood

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Wed Mar 21 08:32:46 PDT 2012

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> On Mar 15, 12:11 pm, Andrew Perron <pwer... at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Oooooh, awesome!  So... what do you call this?
> Well, I just called it "Drop of Blood add-on" on the wiki, so that
> should be fine.
> > > "He's right," said Fearless Leader, a note of regret in his voice. He
> > > idly touched the dial on the side of his ray gun. He'd never had to
> > > set it on "kill" for as long as the LNH had been around, but the
> > > setting was still there if he needed it.
> > I really like the idea that the world is getting less grim-and-gritty as we
> > move away from The Killfile.
> I just realized this was a minor continuity error--Fearless Leader
> used a gun to kill one of the Lycopersicons in LNH20CP #1. I'm not
> really sure how to No-Prize that. There were actually a couple of
> things in that issue which clashed with elements I established later,
> such as Doc Nostalgia casually breaking the fourth wall. This was the
> first issue, though, and early issues or episodes of any given series
> often have things that don't quite fit with later installments. I
> could lampshade that later on.

I strongly suspect that Data was originally intended to be a
"synthetic life form" and not a robot with a "positronic brain" as was
eventually established.  The first episode that I recall seeing
(actually the second episode produced) was the sequel to the TOS
episode The Naked Time and Data was affected by the virus like
everybody else and it caused him to become aroused and have sex with
Tasha Yar.  That made no sense given what we learned later about
Data.  I even distinctly remember Data referring to himself as a
"sythezoid" early in Season 1, possibly even in the two-part episode
Encounter at Farpoint, but when I watched the episodes in reruns the
reference appeared to have been edited out.  Perhaps Marvel told
Paramount that Data was too similar to the Vision and they made
changes.  (Ironically Byrne later stripped the Vision of his emotions
and made him more like Data.)


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