LNH20: Replacement characters

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Sat Jun 30 16:36:40 PDT 2012

Saxon Brenton wrote:

(I never actually got these on my server, so I'm-a copy them off the
pipermail archive.)

> After due consideration, I have decided to blame Fiji. 
> No, seriously.  Last year I went on a family vacation to Fiji, got so 
> lazy that I more or less stopped interacting with RACC for months, and 
> missed pretty much all the prep work on LNH20.


> This year I went for another family vacation to Fiji (we took Dad over 
> as a 70th birthday present).  I was able to make one small contribution 
> to LNHv2#50 before I left, and then one hurried comment about possible 
> character subplots for how Anal-Retenhtive Archive Kid 2 would react to 
> the Master Blaster/WikiBoy relationship - which kinda sorta set the 
> match to the kindling of the Recent Unpleasantness.

Eesh. ^^;

> Then after we got back to Australia there was only a few days before I 
> had to travel up the coast for the 70th birthday party proper, and in 
> the meantime there's been all this *stuff* accumulatiung in my inbox 
> which I've been too lazy to read through, and now with only half a week 
> left before flying out for RACC-con I'm trying futiley to catch up, and, 
> and, and... 
> There's a tourist marking joke over there which goes 'I'm on Fiji Time', 
> which pretty much sums up how I've been blowing off doing anything in a 
> timely manner.  So there you go.  It's all Fiji's fault  :-P


> At first blush I do like the idea of using some of the non-western 
> mythologies: goodness knows I've done that enough myself, and sometimes 
> not even a safely dead non-Western mythos.  

Love 'em, need more of 'em.

> That said, if that became too 
> difficult (for whatever reason) then we could synthesise a new character 
> with those attributes; effectively pulling the Triumph/Sentry/Kid Macro 
> trick of bringing back a character who'd been forgotten to history.

Oooooooooh. Though I'm not sure if we'd want to do that, because the
@lantean pantheon is going to become important later on.

> On a purely storytelling level I'm glad you reminded me of the plot 
> dangler of the dragon wanting Googlemesh dead.  I suspect that the death 
> of Googlemesh will need to be kept off-camera, but the prospect of the 
> Recovery Man returning to the dragon with a box, saying 'I have what you 
> wanted', and the dragon looking in the box, nodding, and concluding their 
> deal would be a good way of moving the story on to the next level.  


> Whatever other distractions there may be about multiple spoons could be 
> swept away as the Recovery Man gets his hand on 'the one' Spoon/manifestation 
> of the Spoons which has the power to draw in all the other quantum-thingummy 
> duplicates.

Hmmmmm! I like that idea. It can absorb other spoons!

> (And depending on his exact personality and/or level of genre savy, 
> the Red Shirt thug sent by WHATEVER to be part of the team will either be 
> crowing at having been part of a villainous triumph to kill off a net.hero, 
> or seriously freaked out that the scheme actually worked and realising that 
> he's now in deeper than eh expected).

Oooooh, yes, I love the In Over His Head Henchman type.

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, tropetacular!

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