RACC-Con 2012: It begins...

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Fri Jun 29 13:48:29 PDT 2012

"Seeing as we're scattered across the globe, a full RACC
Convention in reality is painfully unrealistic."
--Chris Gumprich, July 2, 1996

"I don't know when these are held, but if one of
them hasn't been held yet, why not, in the spirit
of increased RACC interaction and community, hold
them live, in a real world place. I'm serious here.
We pick a city--- any city--- and we go to that city.
Just as characters accept awards for authors, it could
be one of those kooky dressed up like your character
thing. We get the votes on RACC, ship off to some city
in kooky costumes, and hold an actual real award
cerimony! We could have food and might actually tape
it to remember the event!

"Heck, If There's enough positive feedback, I'll
volunteer to hold it in my city! (The pleasant, yet very,
very cold Dearborn, Michigan) Who knows? This could be
the biggest thing yet! Imagine meeting your favorite
authors, maybe Dave Von Domelon or Chris Ireland
(forget I said that) or some other authors of high-
caliber! Are you guys listenin'??"
--Tom Russell, Aug. 2, 1997

"However, I *would* like to see a RACC convention sometime.
Maybe hold the awards at the convention. And I mean a
real convention, not one onthe net (though that's not a
totally bad idea). I would like to see some of the actual
faces behind the writing.

"I know it is just as unfeasible (is that a word), but if
you spend all the time and effort, might as well do it right."
--Michael Friedman, Aug. 2, 1997

"It's quite possible that some of us could get together at
some arbitrary con. Just don't get *too* grand on the scale.
--Russ Allbery, Aug. 2, 1997

"There's always been talk about a real life convention
although nothing has ever really come about it. Various
RACC authors have met in real life of course, but there has
never been an attempt for a big meeting."
--Arthur Spitzer, May 26, 2004

"And speaking of the LNH 20th anniversary? I was wondering
if there was any interest for a get together for RACC'rs and
LNH'rs.. and I'd figure I'd ask a year before any such event
might happen."
--Arthur Spitzer, April 29, 2011

"Well, sometimes you just got to have faith. And if it doesn't
come --well, part of the fun is waiting in the line.
Trading stories with the other Standers about those years you
waited for a RACCon that neverhappened. That sort of thing."
--Standing-in-Line Man, April 23, 2012

"RACC... assemble!"
--Rob Rogers, June 29, 2012

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