Scott Eiler seiler at
Fri Jun 29 13:29:02 PDT 2012

On 06/29/2012 01:24 PM, Saxon Brenton wrote:
> RACC-Con 2012 has commenced.
> (Finally.  Both Scott and Saxon got lost walking to the Benicia
> Starbucks.)
> Anyway, as prelims, Saxon had Thursday afternoon with the Rogers
> family at the Benicia Framers Market, and then several hours at
> the Rogers household talking about general nerd stuff.
> Now, Rob, Scott and Saxon are currently sitting in the Starbucks,
> wondering what to work on first, and awaiting the arrival of
> Arthur later today.
> Oh, and happy birthday Tom Russell.

Thanks to the magic of Usenet, Saxon's message has now crossed the three 
feet between his computer and mine.

My prelims involved an epic train trip south from Seattle.  It is indeed 
great fun to fall asleep in Oregon, while looking out a window at 
nothing but woods.

Oh, and happy birthday Tom Russell.

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